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2/26/13 9:39:34PM
Lets open discussion. This saturday Stefan Struves invincible chin will melt into sillyputty goo from the impact of Mark Hunts comet magic right hook. He will uppercut him so hard Struve will actually get shorter. He will opt to atomic butt drop instead of the cordial touching of gloves. Struves takedowns will be shucked off like childplay. Kongo will cry silently in rememberance and Barry will seethe in jealousy at the sight of a fighter who truly has it all.

This much is certain. But after this saturday, this will mark Mark Hunts 4th victory in a row in a HW landscape so barren that Hunt has to wait 6 months between meals. A pool of challengers so shallow Hunt isnt allowed to dive into the pool. A Hw division so thin and top heavy it looks exactly like Stefan Struve.

Cain is defending his belt against the opponent he beat up worse than anyone he has ever beat. His fight against Bigfoot was like watching Cain punch a dead cow for 5 minutes. With Hunt tied up in a match, there was literally no one else fitting for the shot.

Riding a 4 win wave like only a samoan could, Hunt is absolutely going to get the next shot. Shit, if Nog beats Werdum, even in the real world Hunt is going to get the next shot. This is his unspeakable islander magic. He punches with bricks so hard he breaks down logic.

Fortunately for Junior he managed to avoid the stylistic nightmare of his career. Unfortunately for Cain, he became king in a time of war. Against Hunt he will fight a man that finds ground and pound ticklish. A man who has had opponents tap out from pain while kneeing him in the face.A titan who cuts a burger weight of rumble preportions just to make Hw. A beast that can push off the ground so hard he pisses off tectonic plates. The fighter who manhandled the, once thought invincible, turscherererasaurus rex.

So i ask you, humble audience. Can cain pull off the impossible?
2/26/13 11:34:16PM
I have waited so long to see the real Pookie return to the playground. All it missed was a Pokémon reference, but nonetheless it brought a tear to my eye

Regardless what happens this weekend, Dan Henderson will get the next HW title shot. He lost his last LHW fight, which automatically pushes him to the front of the line for a title fight outside his weight class. Plus Hendo is 1-0 at HW in the last 2 years.

Let's prevent this from happening and instead set up a match between the 2 best chins in MMA: Mark Hunt vs Dan Henderson

but to answer the initial question: Cain can pull off the impossible, but only if he doesn't break his hands on Bigfoot's face
2/26/13 11:47:35PM
I still think struve subs him out.
Honestly think either guy wins this sat deserves next shot
God knows cormier won't face Cain
2/26/13 11:58:36PM's been a long time Pookie, great to see one of these!
Struve's chin will fold inder the pressure of the Pacific Warlord long enough for all hopes to disappear once he hits the ground and the Somoan one taps due to his incredible lack of a ground game!
2/27/13 12:02:01AM
I think Cain submits Hunt to be honest. Struve doesn't have the wrestling to take Hunt down.imo

But if Struve get's knocked down,but not out and Hunt jumps into his guard, ooooooooh boy.
2/27/13 2:49:02AM
Cain can takedown and finish anyone in the hw division, as long as he imposes his will from the start like in the 2nd jds fight. I cant think of anyone who would be able to handle his pace right now besides cormier and struve...just because he has shown time again that he can take a beating and come back to finish.

2/27/13 3:25:58AM
the only "impossible" to "pull off" is beating the man right here
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2/27/13 6:55:31AM
Wouldn't struve get taller after being uppercut? I agree struve may fold up like a lawn chair under the onslaught, but hunt must be equally careful that he doesn't get accidentally submitted by the chair mid fold.
2/27/13 8:19:27AM

Posted by airkerma

Wouldn't struve get taller after being uppercut? I agree struve may fold up like a lawn chair under the onslaught, but hunt must be equally careful that he doesn't get accidentally submitted by the chair mid fold.

Hunt punches with bricks so hard he breaks down logic.
2/27/13 8:33:39AM
Mark Hunt is the shortest Hw on the Ufc roster because god didnt want to have to look up to Hunt in every sense ofthe word. Mark Hunt is so much of a man, gravity got confused and made him fat.

When mark was a child he watched his best friend and training partner get killed in a street fight. His hair now transforms to yellow before every fight in rememberance of Krillin. Before every training camp his Muay thai instructor cuts off his tail. When Mark Hunt farts, scouters explode and Vegeta doubts his royal lineage.

Hunts mother was labor for 15 months because Hunt doesnt get pressured into doing anything he doesnt want to do. Rocky was the true story of Hunt fighting off the doctors.

Look guys, we all agree that Struves only chance is to get hit in the face so hard he forgets how to stand up but not so hard he forgets what being awake means. Hes literally fighting a man whos so clueless as to what "pain" means that he ran at Melvin Manhoef out of curiosity. A man so innately talented he went from learning Muay Thai to winning the K1 title in less time than Bj Penn took to get his blackbelt. This is a man so ahead of the pack that he can see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.

There are only 2 people in this world that Bj Penn is afraid to spar against, West Mark Hunt and East Mark Hunt. Hunt is so wide that he has both the shortest arms in the division and the same reach as Nick Diaz.

John Mccain once tried to outlaw Mma just to get people to tune into Marks K1 championship run. He doesnt even have a real last name, Hunt is really just the first thing he learned how to do. Mark was once jumped outside of a club by eight men. When police arrived they found 7 half eaten men laying beside an erupting volcano. Mount Hunt is still the most visited landmark in tokyo when he's asleep.

No matter who you are or how much you want to be a champion, Mark Hunt is always hungrier than you. At 38 hes just entering his physical prime. I say physical because Hunt has been in his sexual prime since he was 11.
Stefan Struve is a man made out of sticks and hay, while Hunt is a man who punches through bricks. How can Struve possibly prevent Hunt from bringing home the bacon?
2/27/13 3:09:29PM
i'll be rooting for hunt to KO struve, but probably pick him to lose that fight. i think cain destroys either. hunt has a hell of a chin but lets not forget that he got KTFO by melvin manhoef while melvin was moving backwards.
2/27/13 8:10:45PM
I think Velasquez could win by UD like he did against JDS.
3/3/13 4:10:34PM
3/3/13 4:13:15PM
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