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POLL: Who takes it?
Gonzaga sub 40% (2)
Gonzaga (T)KO 60% (3)
1/12/10 10:18:03PM
This is a fight that I would love to see and I'm sure we're likely to at some point down the road. Gonzaga has KO power and an excellent sub game, plus he's a pretty big heavyweight. Velasquez has the wrestling but a questionable chin and not the greatest striking game. If it were to happen I'd have to give a slight edge to Gonzaga just because he almost finished off Carwin until getting caught and has shown to have great JJ. Velasquez would do well don't get me wrong I just see him getting TKO'd or subbed late if this fight were to ever happen. What you guys think?
1/12/10 10:19:06PM
Woops ****** up the poll it was supposed to have options for both guys to win but I hit enter too early I guess. Forget the voting but still give thoughts.
1/12/10 11:57:15PM
I gotta go with Cain because I think the pace he sets, his cardio, and chin will more than make up for anything that GG would have an advantage in.
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