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1/27/09 10:53:50AM
New Cain Velasquez interview:

"The training has been good. I’m back to 100% from my injury and ready to get back into the Octagon."

"I have seen a couple of his fights on YouTube so I have been able to watch him fight."

"Dennis is a strong guy with an aggressive style. I think he is tough and it will be an exciting fight."

"I expect a fast-paced fight. No pressure. I have to beat whoever is in the cage with me."

"My team and I have a gameplan. Everyone will see it on February 7th."

More in the full interview...

1/27/09 11:27:21AM
I really don't think that this guy has a chance against Cain, or the UFC wouldn't put him in there with Cain.

This fight will most likely consist of Stojnic trying to KO Cain within the first minute, but then he gets taken down and pounded out before the end of the first round.
1/27/09 6:27:35PM
You have to wonder with both fighters styles if this could end up being similar to the Barnett and Yvel fight?
1/27/09 6:50:09PM
Velasquez will dominate the fight no matter where it goes.
1/28/09 8:16:40PM
Cain is the superior fighter al around IMO. I see cain Taking him down and pounding him out early 2nd.
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