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7/1/10 11:49:34AM
And he isn't concerned about giving up 20-25 pounds to either guy. "[I want to face] whoever the better fighter is. I want to fight the best. If Carwin keeps the fight standing, with his kind of punching power, I think he'll win the fight. If Brock can get the fight to the ground, with his explosiveness, with his wrestling, I think he'll win. It's whoever can execute their gameplan. It'll be a good fight no matter what. Right now I'm 250 (pounds) but I know when fight time comes around I'll be at 240-245. That's where I feel most comfortable and at my quickest. I think I still have power at that weight so for me it's the weight [I want to] fight at."

7/1/10 12:28:50PM
The only knock I have on Cain, I have on most fighter's (besides Rua and Rampage) is that he doesnt block punches well enough. Cain's nose got stitches after the ko of Nog, and Cheick hit him clean. If Cain only uses side to side in and out movement vs Brock or Carwin, without blocking their punches, (like Shogun blocks punches) , Cain will get ktfo imo. On the other hand if Cain can bring either giant into the champ rounds, his cardio will help him win imo.
7/1/10 6:15:29PM
As much as I love Cain, I think he should be very concerned about the weight difference.

Sure, we can list his assets -

--Phenomenal wrestler
--Outstanding cardio and recovery
--Fast hands with good power and a very nice chin

And yet I'm wondering if Carwin won't just pin Cain against the cage, or just how good Cain can be off his back against Lesnar.

I think Cain's only losses as a wrestler were against bigger guys who would just have more time on top than him, and he still had a number of wins against heavier guys he was able to outlast. These could be pertinent in a 5-round fight, but at the same time I think the equation changes when you're getting punched in the face by some massive fists.

I'm not saying Cain doesn't have a chance, he definitely does, but for his sake I hope he's training hard and smart.
7/1/10 6:49:51PM
cain will wreck them both.
7/1/10 7:07:26PM
I'm just glad that the UFC HW division is relevant again. No matter how you line it up, there's some great fights among the top 4 of Cain, JDS, Brock, and Shane...let's not forget that Roy Nelson could throw his name into the mix with a win over JDS.
7/2/10 2:45:32PM
I like Cain a lot. He is probably my fav HW in the division. However, as exciting as he is it hink he would have a big problem with either Lesnar or Carwin. Their size and strengh would almost ensure this fight would go to the ground. Both would be able to grind Cain out using their wrestling skills. I think JDS is a better matchup for Cain and that would be a heck of an exciting fight!
7/2/10 2:53:52PM
In a champion's match I would pick Cain all day against these guys. His wrestling is so much more technical than any of them that it's not even funny. He could do enough (thanks to his cardio) to survive the first couple rounds, and then as it gets into the later rounds when everyone is gassed technique becomes everything. If Lesnar is 285 lbs. and strong as an ox it doesn't matter when he's gassed.

That being said- he's really got to worry about those first couple of rounds. That size differential plays a huge factor when guys aren't tired.

7/2/10 4:06:24PM
I can see Cain being able to Frankie Edgar his way around these guys potentially. Just keep moving and it makes it harder to take you down.
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