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4/21/08 3:30:46PM
From what I saw in his first UFC fight this guy could be the real deal, he hits like a mule.

What do you think?

4/21/08 3:37:13PM
He looked great, he's only had 3 fights though. The UFC should build him up right and he has a promising future. My only concern really though is what will happen when he faces a bigger better wrestler like Brock Lesnar? It's still unknown if he can fight off of his back. He's a young prospect though and he could make an impact on the weak HW div.
4/21/08 3:52:32PM
total domination. That was very impressive for a guy that's only 2-0. well 3-0 now.

props Cain.
4/21/08 4:10:49PM
DAMN I thought the fight should've been stopped a bit earlier, but still, not a bad stoppage, he gave Morris a lot of chances.

But Velasquez looked very impressive, good thing I parleyed him and Maia
4/21/08 4:13:03PM
I kinda wished the UFC would have waited for him to get a few more fights before picking him up. With the HW division as small as it is he can only fight so many guys before he is thrown into some of the top HWs in the world. Hes going to have a great future but i hope they dont bring him up too quickly because he might burn out too quickly.
4/21/08 4:37:18PM
I knew Cain was good, thats why i bet everything i had on him. This guy will be a force in the HW division just wait and see.
4/21/08 4:37:36PM
2011 UFC HW Champion.
4/21/08 4:43:50PM
Its hard to tell how great he is when he fights another unknown in Morris. Yet when a thread asked earlier who Cain should fight next I think I put Vera. After seeing him pummel this guy I would say that Vera vs. Cain would be an awesome fight. Tons of potential there.
4/21/08 5:34:48PM
I loved it, but we gotta much of it was Cain being a good fighter, and how much was it of the Aussie sucking it up?
4/21/08 5:58:03PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

I loved it, but we gotta much of it was Cain being a good fighter, and how much was it of the Aussie sucking it up?

High School - Won the Arizona state title in 2000 & 2001 and a 4 time conference champion. 4 time All American at Junior Nationals. 2 time winner of the Western Region Championship.

Junior College - NJCAA National Champion at HW in his only year in JC.

Arizona State University - 2005 All American & Pac 10 Wrestler of the Year. Finished 5th at the NCAA Championships, but held a win over the runner-up Cole Konrad.

And post-college he has been training at American Kickboxing Academy with Buentello, Fitch, Koscheck, Prangley, Swick, Cung Le, etc.

The man is legit.
4/21/08 7:13:06PM
Damn! cain mauled morris. thanks for the vid i have been wanting to see this fight
4/21/08 7:16:17PM
they might have a diamond in the rough with him and shane carwin.
the ufc needs to market these guys along with lesnar, but do it slowly like exelite is doing with kimbo slice
4/21/08 7:37:59PM

Posted by fedorwins1
He's a young prospect though and he could make an impact on the weak HW div.

hmm, I'm not so sure I could agree with that now. The UFC totally did a rebuild of this division, think back about a year ago and compare, not that weak anymore IMO.
4/21/08 8:25:41PM
I had to wrestle was a very bad day for me
4/21/08 8:28:10PM
I really, really like what I see from Velasquez so far. He sets a very fast pace for a heavyweight. Look up his fight in Bodog, he wears his opponent out in about 1 minute. From all accounts, his cardio is ridiculous. That fact right there makes him dangerous against most heavyweights.

I am really looking forward to watching this guy's progess over the next couple of years. Hopefully, the UFC will bring him along fairly slowly so he at least gets 4 or 5 more fights before throwing him in with the top guys of the division. Once this guy develops some submission skills, both offensive & defensive, look out.

4/21/08 8:38:44PM
he looked impressive i'd like to see him against someone like eddie sanchez
4/21/08 9:09:21PM

Posted by F--K_Luck_AuH2O

I had to wrestle was a very bad day for me

i just want to say take this man's word. he has beaten a lot of top wrestlers/fighters and for him to lose to Cain Velasquez, and badly according to him, should really tell you something. i'm not going to lie, i made my pick solely on the fact that F--K_Luck_AuH2O said that Cain manhandled him. for those of you that do not know, F--K_Luck_AuH2O had this to say on Cain:

"I've wrestled Jamie Varner, I won. I've Wrestled CB Dollaway; I won. I've wrestled Jesse Forbes, I won. I've wrestled Melvin Gulliard, I won. I've wrestled Anthony Johnson, I won. I've wrestled Tommy Spear, I won. I've wrestled Cain Valasquez, and I got my ass beat so hard I felt I was owed money afterwards."
4/21/08 10:28:11PM
he would kill sanchez; trust me this guy is for real. I remember Dave Camarillo was talking about how Cain submitted him; and how he out strikes buentello in practice.
4/21/08 11:31:22PM
I'd say Eddie Sanchez is a fair suggestion for Cain's next fight..or a Jake O' sense feeding him to the sharks just yet...let him build off some other names....Sanchez is a very tough individual who would test Cains' persistence...he won't go quietly and he hits hard......As far as O'Brien's concerned, he poses a relentless (albeit boring) ground attack which gives us a better look at Cain's takedown defense/sprawl and his hands....i think its early to tell but he definitely looks sense killing his his confidence...he might one day become a beast!
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