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6/15/09 6:26:56AM
Cain Velasquez will someday, and soon, be the UFC Heavyweight Champion. The former All-American wrestler at Arizona State wasn't as sharp as he has been and, most importantly, as he will be. But Velasquez has more weapons than just about anyone in the division and most of them were on display Saturday. It's simply a matter of time before UFC president Dana White climbs into the cage and is strapping the belt around his waist.

6/15/09 6:48:26AM
A lot of people are bashing him on that article while I think is a bit far. I'm not a huge fan of his, indeed i like most people dont know a hell of a lot about him but he's still relatively young. They keep comparing him with Carwin and Lesnar because of their wrestling backgrounds but what you cant compare is the sheer size difference both them fighters have over anyone in the division. One punch from either and its lights out, Cain is gonna have to be more technical than that and first things first he needs to sort out his footwork. It was pretty easy for a top level striker like Kongo to catch him flush on the chin all night because Cain is coming in straight lines. He's all about pressure but Randy Couture comes in with head movement so he doesn't get hit and then does his thing. I think he has the tools but not the technique just yet and thats understandable, but he is a beast..just look at how he slammed Kongo and pushed him around like a 5yr old kid.
6/15/09 8:50:47AM
I'm thinking Cain vs. Carwin next. Can't wait!!!
6/15/09 8:57:26AM

Posted by whardin19

I'm thinking Cain vs. Carwin next. Can't wait!!!

I hope that happens too but Carwin will destroy Cain. He's got more power and better footwork with roughly the same wrestling background and about 20lbs on Cain.

I hope they give him the loser of Randy Vs Nog and see what happens there. He's defiantly going to be a force in the future though!
6/15/09 9:31:45AM
i had cain rated higher than shane and dos santos
but now i think both of those guys could knock cain out
a cain vs shane seems very likely or given ufc 103 will be in dallas
the texas crazy horse will for sure be on the card maybe fight cain next while shane gets a title shot next
6/15/09 11:01:02AM
I think Cain did well. Very well. But I'm not so sure about him being champ yet.

Cain didnt look comfortable on his feet, I felt Kongo had a chance of winning every time they stood up! His chin did hold up I admit, but he was definitely rocked. I think if he fought someone who was better on the ground, and managed to get the fight to his feet more often, that would have been interesting.

I would like to see how he copes against a more well-rounded guy. Carwin would be good or even the loser of Couture / Nog for example?

As for Kongo, he seriously needs to up his ground game, especially considering Mir & Lesnar are all great there! Looking at that fight, I think it is fair to say both of those guys would have beat him.

6/15/09 11:39:08AM
Just confirm Brock vs Shane already. That's the only fight left. Brock would murder Cain.
6/15/09 1:44:49PM
Sure cain got rocked a few times in the fight on his feet but the rest of the fight lookes like cain beating up his little giant brother,I thought cain was too hard on himself in the post interview but thats good to see because a guy like that will only get better.I perdict cain to be champion one day but lesnar is going to be a handful to beat if that guy jus keeps getting better too.
6/15/09 3:17:06PM
I think Cain proved he was an exceptional wrestler against Kongo. Unfortunately we all knew that about him anyway. Kongo beat himself by laying in the clinch with Cain every round. As far as Cain becoming a champion one day, I think Cain and the UFC would be better off not overhyping young fighters that still have lots to learn. With the level of dominance and control Cain had over Kongo on the ground, he should have been able to finish him. I believe Kongo came closer to finishing Cain.
6/15/09 3:33:47PM
I don't want to see a Cain/Carwin fight unless one already has the belt.

I'd rather see both built up to contend as possibly undefeated challengers, of course with Carwin getting the shot first since his game is more rounded and he's beaten a guy that has competed for the UFC title.

I think a Cain/Carwin fight would be a lose/lose for the UFC at this point as they're both new undefeated HW's gaining steam.
6/15/09 3:44:09PM
I don't think writers could use that "cain and able" word play any more than they already do when writing about Velasquez.
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