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POLL: Who would win?
Cain Velasquez via KO/Tko 55% (18)
Fedor Emelianenko via KO/Tko 12% (4)
Cain Velasquez via Submission 0% (0)
Fedor Emelianenko via Submission 9% (3)
Cain Velasquez via Decision 18% (6)
Fedor Emelianenko via Decision 6% (2)
10/29/10 10:52:31PM
If this fight happened who would you pick to win it?
10/29/10 11:05:14PM
I have been High on Cain for a while I think ring rust is a serious problem for Fedor how else do I stomach the Werdum loss lol. I think I would favor Cain and to be honest this is a top 5 dream fight in my eyes.
10/30/10 12:25:04AM
Cain Velasquez would win.

DISCLAIMER: I'm drunk, and this is more nuthuggery than clarity of thought.
10/30/10 3:54:15AM
Fedor is the greatest HW of all-time so far. Cain is the best HW today. I would pick Cain to win, but wouldn't be surprised to see Fedor pull some magic.

It would be an awesome fight to have happen but it won't.
10/30/10 8:13:06AM
This would be a tough fight to call.
I think a lot of people will pick Cain just because so many people picked Brock to beat fedor,and well look how Cain pushed the champ aside with little trouble.I have little doubt now that if Fedor where to fight Brock it wouldn't take too many shots for Emelianeko to knock him out cold. But Brock would certainly still carry a "HUGE" wrestling advantage on his side.

I could see Cain taking Fedor down with minimal trouble,yet I could see Fedor chaining several well timed sub attempts as Cain threw punches and tried to advance posistion.
On the ground I give Cain the advantage though Fedor would be no slacker off his back.
Standing I give Fedor the power advantage.
I slightly go with Cain as of now but it's still a tough call.
10/30/10 4:43:56PM
I'm split on this fight.

And this is me saying this. Everyone here knows how big of a Fedor fan I am.
10/30/10 5:47:38PM
Im surprised as to the 13-3 measure for Cain. Fedor would technically be an underdog pick at this point.

I see it fairly even -

Cain has the wrestling to force the fight to the ground, but so does Fedor with clinch trips and throws. I give the slight edge to Cain because he can get up from Fedor's top control easier than Fedor can, even though fedor has the better all around grappling game.

Fedor has the timing, speed and power to destroy a punch-o-meter dragonball z style, but cain's stand-up is coming together nicely with his pressure, power and accuracy. Overall i give a slight advantage to fedor because of his defense. He doesnt get hit, while cain can be hit easier.

The chin's, it could go either way, niether man has been knocked out. Cain's looks tougher, but he also has been rocked more.

I'd pick fedor, based on him landing first while engaging in similar types of exchanges.
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