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8/2/12 4:15:26PM
Hello I cant seem to find any good techniques or advice while defending takedowns on the cage. I have a wrestling background but obviously a lot of stuff changes since you cant move much and sprawl or anything. I know the basics like wide legs and don't let them lock their hands but does anyone have any better techniques or principles to follow? For anything to do with fighting on the wall. Thanks!!
8/2/12 5:09:05PM
Try youtubing "Takedown Defence off the Cage"

There's a dude on here called David Avellan, I think he's a pro fighter. Ask him, he'll be happy to help.

Look for some of his vids in the training section, click on his name and send him a PM.
8/2/12 5:25:30PM
WIN THE HEAD BATTLE!!!!! i cant stress that enough. when a guy has you against the cage in a clinch position/over under, it is very important to get your forehead in the side of his jaw, temple, chin, or even under the chin. this will let you level change, stop his level change, help keep your power in your hips, and help you keep him from smashing you against the cage. the best take down defense against the cage is keeping him from controlling you against it. also, look to wizzer and underhook. really try not to let him get your hips flat against the cage. for example, if you are wizzering with your left arm, your left hip should be off the cage and you right hip against it or away from it. if he has alot of pressure against the cage, use pummeling to get your underhooks while switching your hips against the cage. this will keep you moving and not let him crush you and then level change for the shot. hope this helps.
8/2/12 9:57:01PM
2 words bro..

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