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12/27/09 5:50:27PM
4/28/10 4:20:09AM
though it is cool to see guys grapple on the cage. i think for ground fighting the ring is WAY better at showing the fighters ground skills. in the cage all one has to do is get you against the fence and it takes away alot of ability the guy on the bottom may have.
5/25/10 2:39:45PM
Leaning towards cage.
1/16/11 3:01:16PM
ring all the way, thats on which Martial Arts started (or a tatame) the cage let us look like animals and besides you cant see **** when they film thru the cage
1/19/11 12:13:23PM
I will say Cage match is good.
No other fighter interrupt the fight!!
3/31/11 7:53:16PM
I think this would all be less of an issue if they simply enforced the rule that says not to press against the cage. It's not supposed to be a weapon just an enclosure to keep the fight from spilling onto the floor. The way it's treated now it interferes with the action just as much as the ring. Fighters should be instructed to move off of the cage not allowed to use it to stifle grappling. Wrestler and JJ guys tend to be more active in an open environment as well.The cage serve as both a weapon and a stalling tactic.
4/14/11 10:18:16AM
I think the ring would end the domination of wrestlers in a way. It would make the fights more exciting. But the cage works great if a wrestler isn't in it.
8/1/11 1:53:43AM
i think the cage is the way to go, to many times has someone gone through the ropes or gets a arm or leg tangled and u see the refs having to reset the fighters or even just stand them up which is retarded and unfair for the 1 in the dominate position
8/1/11 3:33:48PM
I like the octagon because it is now confining. There's nowhere to go and I like that element
9/20/11 10:38:47PM
cage. can't stand restarts
11/9/11 3:38:41PM
What he said.
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