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6/15/07 5:12:16PM
the cage for sure
6/16/07 3:21:45AM

Posted by SubmitYou

I would love to see a UFC event held in one of these... ;)

That would be loads better than the rings mma uses.

All the stoppages and resets and falling out of the ropes that went on in pride. I Just dont see how people like the ring better.
6/16/07 11:17:18PM
I feel that the ring should be kept for Pride and that the new management should not completely try to enforce their dominance on the organization. It will only cause loss of viewers who were loyal to Pride's old ways in the ring. As for the cage it is fine for the UFC because that is what it has used since the beginning.
6/17/07 4:18:37AM
I'd like to see the ring every now and then. To me it's just more appealing to the general fan. Don't ask me why it just seems like people think it's crazier when two men are locked in a cage to fight. That and i've always love the room the ring seems to give for the more skilled fighters.
6/19/07 11:27:27AM
CAGE ALWAYS THE CAGE! There's no question about.
6/21/07 11:18:03AM
I much prefer the ring. The cage is good, yeah, but there are no corners, there is always somewhere for someone to run! Furthermore, matches can get a bit stale when two guys clinch against the cage and start the whole takedown/defense. I prefer it in Pride where a takedown has to be a bit more intelligent, rather than when a fighter has the option of pushing his opponent against the cage and scooping a leg out. Thats not to say that there aren't intelligent takedowns in the UFC, of course...
6/24/07 9:22:45PM
cage because when your on the ground you can push off of it and get our from bottom easy.
6/25/07 5:02:22PM

Posted by hippysmacker

Pinned to stop repeat threads.

I prefer the cage.
1. People I know who prefer the ring always say it's better for viewing. Agreed , but if 20, 000 people are watching it live, and 10 million are watching it on TV , it seems an irrelevant argument to me. Majority rules the majority of the time.
2. No one gets caught in the ropes in a cage
3. No one falls or jumps out of the cage. Horodecki/Palaszewski a recent example
4. I like the Thunderdome aspect of the cage. Doors locked and no way out till the fights over. " 2 men enter , 1 man leave" the winner that is

but the ropes add another aspect to the fight cornering is much harder in a cage.
p.s. love the thunder dome refrence
6/25/07 6:22:41PM
even though i like pride better well used to. i think the cage is by far better then the ring.
6/27/07 11:39:53AM
I can't stand when they have to stop the fight to untangle two guys from the ring. Im going with the cage.
6/28/07 7:23:05AM
The cage is fair to the sport, there is no reason to stop a fight unless for medical reason, i have always hated the ref recentering the fighters, plus the fighters dont have people going crazy slaping their hands or holding them upto keep them from fallin out of the ring.
7/1/07 9:57:45AM
I have to agree with the cage. I had no problem seeing the fight in the cage live either.
7/2/07 2:38:46PM
From people that I know personally, they usually prefer to fight in the cage > ring. Like you guys said, there are a lot less referee interferences and IMO it is a lot more exciting.
7/10/07 3:37:34PM
The cage!!!!!!
7/14/07 10:11:53AM
i like the cage because it just seems right for mma
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7/15/07 12:44:05AM
Cage... leave the ring for boxers.

top reasons:
1. Fights have to be moved which could change the tide of a fight imo.
2. seems to have more room.
3. Don't have to worry about fighters getting seriously hurt falling out.

It would suck to see a fighter lose, or die cause he broke his neck falling out the ring.
7/17/07 8:18:25AM
definatley the cage altough slightly biased as ive always been a ufc man. The ring just seems to create more problems to me
7/17/07 11:04:41PM
personally i think the fighters should fight in both for certain events, just to mix things up a little bit . But what they should figure out are what rules they are gonna implement.
7/18/07 12:39:43AM
i like the cage for the fact i like ground and pound fighters like ortiz who likes to put u up against it and pound with elbows.
8/1/07 1:00:26AM
Cage is good for wrestling and a ring is good for Striking. In the UFC guys like Randy Couture could push a guy up against the cage but that doesn't really work in a ring. I think Pride fighter were always funner and more fast paced but that could be also because less wrestling and/or dry humping, plus Pride had the finish the fight clause in the decision making which makes fighter like Kos useless.
8/2/07 6:31:26PM
ring sucks, the fighters constantly have to be careful not to fall threw the ring, for boxing it works, but not when wrestling is involved.

Cage without a doubt
8/2/07 9:12:00PM
I think cage because it is better for people who rely on take downs.
8/4/07 3:33:38PM
8/7/07 10:04:06AM
Both are interesting and offer unique advantages over the other, but I personally prefer the cage. A ring offers too much potential for interference when in one guy's corner, like what I've seen in some old PRIDE fights when guys try to get one fighters hand/foot off the ropes. Can't really do that in a cage.
8/7/07 6:22:20PM
The cage is great for guys who can't rely on natural ability and need to be able to use the environment the fight is in as a weapon. All a ring does is try to keep the action centered and away from the "walls" where it's supposed to be in the middle of the mat.
8/10/07 10:49:08PM
i dunno bc they r both awesome like in the ring it looks easier and in the cage it looks awesome bc u probably think it will be a bloody fight
8/18/07 8:55:00PM
i say the ring, for some reason fighters always have more trouble in the cage and i think it will bring the excitement of the fight to a new level.
8/25/07 10:38:41AM
i like the cage because of the impact it give the fighter its not a fight its a battle the fighter is at war.
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8/29/07 12:30:25AM
The cage duh. Is there really a question about this?
9/1/07 2:48:05PM
i think tha ring might be better but the cage makes sure that the fight doesnt end up outside
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