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8/15/08 7:32:56PM
1) James Thompson vs. Piotr Kusmierz
2) ------------------------------------------------
3) Brad Pickett vs. Antanas Jazbutis
4) Robbie Olivier vs. Leigh Remedios (British FW Title)

5) Ross Mason vs. Scott Jansen
6) Steve Elliott vs. Kym Farid
7) Jack Mason vs. John Hathaway
8) Michael Pastou vs. Nigel Whittear
9) TBC vs. Steve Hopwood
10) Mark Brown vs. Scott Tooty Rogan
11) Jody Cottham vs. Wesley Johnson
12) Ashley Pollard vs. Ben Smith
8/21/08 5:50:16PM
no a bad card i suppose , gotta do sumthin about production of the show cause it sucks big time! always look forward to seein JT fight ! brad pickett is a very entertainin fighter and saw che mills fight once and i was quite impressed think he might have some potential.
8/21/08 11:10:40PM
go Pickett!!!

that guy is crazy
8/22/08 11:21:21PM

Posted by Mayhem13

go Pickett!!!

that guy is crazy

He's a great lad to, complete legend.

The guys at ATT Miami have him training hard
9/6/08 1:07:29AM
Ross Pointin vs. Ch'e Mills has been Canceled for an un-known reason, the fight should be re-scheduled for December.
9/6/08 4:10:26PM
I'll be watching from here in the states. Have a great time. WAR JT!
9/6/08 9:05:44PM
James Thompson will win... unless Piotr punches him
9/7/08 12:21:49PM
A replacement bout for Pointin vs. Mills will be announced soon (possible on Monday 8th).
9/20/08 3:52:40PM
There have been some changes to the card, but I couldn't post them because I was banned..........Sorry!!

Results as they happen:

Ashley Pollard def Ben Smith 4:34 R1 via tapout kimura
Wesley Johnson def Matt Smith 0.44 R1 via ref stoppage due to triangle
Jamaine Facey def Scott Tooty Rogan 4:54 R1 via tapout due to armbar
Steve Hopwood def Neil Turner 1:45 R2 via tapout due to rnc
Alberto Mina def Steven Elliot 2.55 R1 via tapout due to rnc
9/20/08 4:48:07PM
Props Ben.....................If i didn't have to spread the love
9/20/08 5:58:39PM
Cheers MMAca

John Hathaway def. Jack Mason by Submission (Strikes) - Round 1
Ross Mason def. Scott Jensen via UD
John Phillips def. Jake Bostwick via Submission (Strikes) - Round 2
Robbie Olivier def. Leigh Remedios via UD
9/20/08 6:38:31PM
Brad Pickett def. Antanas via TKO (body shot)
James McSweeney def. Roman Webber via TKO/KO (knee)
9/20/08 7:34:11PM
Looks like I got a few correct so far.
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