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2/26/07 11:44:49AM

According to the Porrada Blog, leaded by Jorge Guimarães, knew as Joinha, the fighter Vitor Belfort won’t fight anymore against Marvin Eastman at Cage Rage 21, that will be held on April 21st at Wembley Conference Center , in London, England. Eastman won’t be able to fight because he already has a bout to be complished at the UFC octagon. The Cage Rage promoters are looking now after a new adversary for the black belt from Black House.
2/26/07 2:16:59PM
So you think Eastman will fight on the UFC UK card? Probably not though the only LHW that doesnt have a fight on the car dis Tito. And i hope Marvin doenst fight him. I wanna see Eastman vs Cote. That fight was supposed to happen at UFC 50 until Vitor dropped from the card so Cote filled in for him.
2/27/07 1:20:38AM
Wow, that would be a fight that Eastman could win! I like Eastman, but they like feeding him to the lions in UFC, and Tito would be no different, especially since he trains with Rampage and Page just beat him.
2/27/07 9:46:39AM
he never trained with Rampage before their fights. Both of them stated that they were on good terms and just never happened to train together. Both said they were willing to train together after they fought but not before.
2/28/07 2:29:42AM
Rampage and Tito don't train together?
2/28/07 9:23:12AM

Posted by Svartorm

Rampage and Tito don't train together?

Oh sorry. I thought you said that Eastman and Rampage trained together.
As far as Tito and Rampage go. Everyone says they traing together but i dont know about it. I know they are friends but to what extent they train i dont know.
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