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9/17/08 12:10:23AM
Cage Rage has stripped Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva of his world heavyweight title belt, it was announced today.

Silva has not fought for Cage Rage since 2005 and the promotion says it has decided to vacate the title “after careful consideration”.

“The title has not been defended and after several attempts to arrange a defence of the title without success, this is the only sensible way forward,” said a spokesman.

“There are some serious contenders for this title emerging in the UK and we feel it is time for some one to take opportunity to stake a claim for a title shot.”

In June, Silva won the EliteXC heavyweight title with a two round TKo win over UFC veteran Justin Eilers.

However, a post-fight test by the California State Athletic Commission discovered traces of anabolic steroid Boldenone.

Silva was handed a one-year suspension and fined $2500.00, although he furiously denies the charge of using performance-enhancing substances.

Cage Rage is owned by Pro Elite, which is the parent company of a number of mixed martial arts organisations including EliteXC.

9/17/08 1:58:53AM
that's not the only belt he will be stripped of
9/17/08 8:57:38AM
Stupid of him not to give it up voluntarily. This makes him look even worse.
9/17/08 10:00:55AM

2006 - no need to have the title defended

2007 - no need to have the title defended

Fourth Quarter 2008 - maybe we should have the title defended...
9/17/08 3:16:25PM
Pro Elite owns EliteXC and Cage Rage. The only reason they couldn't get him over is because EliteXC's people probably didn't want him to go over there and now he can't due to his suspension.
9/17/08 4:37:01PM
doesn't cage rage and elite xc have the same parent company, pro elite? also does anyone know if anderson silva or melvin mahoef still have their mw and lhw titles???
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