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3/8/08 11:18:04AM
we can use this topic to update on the fights and discuss them...

also what time will this event start here (Ohio)...they time zones always eff me up with fights...
3/8/08 11:24:06AM
Berry by TKO rnd 1
Masakazu Imanari by submission rnd 1
Mustafa Al Turk by submission (strikes) rnd 1
Tom Watson by rnd 1 TKO
Ivan Serati by KO rnd 1
Rob Broughton by UD
Aisling Daly by TKO rnd 1 (hot bout)
Giorgio Andrews by TKO rnd 1 (shamrock broke his hand)
John Hathaway by TKO rnd 1
John Phillips by TKO rnd 1
Henrique Santana by UD

dont k now if these are real, but I found a site from sherdog that is updating the winners...

3/8/08 11:36:24AM
well for us that use eastern time...since the event starts at 6pm in London im guessing it's starting around 1pm eastern.
3/8/08 11:38:20AM
sweet, like an hour and a half until GAMETIME!
3/8/08 11:47:27AM
yeah, it's what it looks like... I don't watch much Cage Rage but this still could be quite interessting, let's just hope mma-tv streams it.
3/8/08 11:52:21AM
haha I was hoping to find a stream as well...caus eI dont have showtime to watch it on it will be PBP somewhere or stream fo rme...
3/8/08 12:17:42PM
just swung by sherdog... apparantly fight network is streaming it at 10pm et

**Edit**: Thanks to my good friend Tuvok, just re-found out that mma-tv will be streaming it at 4pm. Enjoy everybody!
3/8/08 12:22:23PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

just swung by sherdog... apparantly fight network is streaming it at 10pm et

haha figures!

I have hdnet and Versus... so they play it on the 3rd option...the one i dont have

ohh well.. PBP is better then nothing.
3/8/08 1:38:19PM
what the heck, noone has PBP up...not sherdog, not mmajunkie...not mmaweekly...

usually atleast one of those have em..
3/8/08 1:44:22PM
yeah just noticed that, its pretty weird.... looks like their waiting for the 10pm airing on each of those sites... bizarre

**Edit**: looks like is supposed to have a running PBP starting at 1pm... no updates yet though
3/8/08 1:49:48PM

this is giving very crappy updates...
3/8/08 1:57:15PM
The Red Sweat website is obviously stealing the results off of the Cage Warriors website. So far here are the winners

Johnny Phillips
John Hathaway
Giorgio Andrews (Shamrock apparently quit)
3/8/08 2:01:21PM
nice, already 2 up on my parlay and made 300 on andrews, pfff shamrocks
3/8/08 2:03:19PM
Daly takes it, Rd1 ref stoppage
3/8/08 2:12:19PM
whens the Johnson fight?

did they skip it or is it next?
3/8/08 2:12:59PM
it's next
3/8/08 2:24:16PM
should be a good fight.

after this do they wait for awhile before habing the maincard?
3/8/08 2:25:51PM
they started with the results on sherdog, but no PBP

3/8/08 2:27:25PM
3-1 With 38 Points so far
3/8/08 2:31:13PM
im 2-2... for some probably logical reason the site says i picked Bostwick to win (wich is not the case) while it still shows that I have Phillips in my parlay (wich i picked in fantasy picks also, although i apparently did not)... lol now why im my right mind would i go and put someone in my parlay that i though was gonna lose...?
3/8/08 2:36:07PM
4-0 with 30-something

how much is rounds worth and how much are the finishes
3/8/08 2:44:49PM
now im 5-0 but i still only gots 36 points
3/8/08 2:47:05PM
damn 4-1 now....and have something like 34
3/8/08 2:50:40PM
3-2, sposed to be 4-1
and then serati just ko'd the other dude, so 4-2, sposed to be 5-1
3/8/08 2:54:35PM
round 1?
3/8/08 2:57:00PM

Posted by Mayhem13

round 1?

yessa, g n' p babey
3/8/08 2:59:55PM
4-2 so far...
3/8/08 3:00:23PM
4-2 With 49 Points
3/8/08 3:04:48PM
turner taps due to strikes... 5-2... that f*ck up with the site really blows, woudlve been 6-1 with much more pts than i have right now...aaah well still not doing so bad
3/8/08 3:08:19PM
This just in from from the message board so i dont know how reliable it is...

My pal is back stage and apparently and has just been told that Shamrock has been attacked by some one in the hotel, has been hit over the head with a bottle and doubts he will be able to fight. wow that is bad news

If it's true... I don't know if i'm happy or not
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