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9/22/07 5:24:21PM
Vitor looked like shit in the stand-up. Belfort is far from top 10 these days. It's sad to see.
9/22/07 5:24:23PM

Posted by wolfman

Posted by Stickan

Posted by fedorwins1

Daley just KTFO Weir

Ahhhh man I love you!
My internet has been down so I couldn't see the fight and I was worried as hell. My 24k didn't go to waste :D

LOL lucky bastard haha. Weir was looking good until he got caught. Cool KO

Yeah it was a good fight, Vitor just won, but he looked HORRIBLE!
9/22/07 5:37:26PM
Agreed. It was a lackluster performance for sure.
9/22/07 6:11:00PM

Posted by Stickan

How are you doing with the picks?... I'm 5-2 atm.

I did ok

8-3 (two of the 3 losses were coin flips and I chose the correct outcomes too. Bummer)

With extra points on 4 bouts. So depending on which bout was double points, I should have about 60+ points for this one.
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