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6/1/08 7:31:01PM
02/06/08 - Exclusive - No more live Cage Rage on Sky

Satellite TV network Sky will no longer be broadcasting live Cage Rage events, Fighters Only can exclusively reveal.

Chris Cordeiro, who co-promotes Cage Rage with Dave O’Donnell, confirmed the news in a phone call at the weekend.

He stated that the contract had expired naturally with the last live show (Cage Rage 26) and had not been cancelled by Sky.

According to Mr Cordeiro, the live broadcasting agreement between Sky and Cage Rage had always been due to end in May.

However, he did reveal that Sky “had some issues” with an incident involving use of foul language in a post-fight interview and for that reason, the company would not be looking to broadcast Cage Rage events live in the future.

However, talks are in progress to continue broadcasting the promotion in a time-delayed format.

Mr Cordeiro also said that the company is in talks with “another major broadcaster” which has expressed an interest in screening Cage Rage shows.

He refused to reveal the name of the broadcaster but did reveal that the channel is available via both freeview and cable/satellite services.

Sky is a subscription television service largely owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

It has nearly nine million direct subscribers in the UK and Ireland and has a further four million indirect customers who receive channels such as Sky Sports from their cable providers.

Nobody from Sky Sports was available to comment on the Cage Rage deal at the time of writing

6/1/08 8:12:27PM
All thanks to Paul Daley for his mouthing off...
6/2/08 6:56:02AM

Posted by wolfman

All thanks to Paul Daley for his mouthing off...

Yep but it was worth it cos it was FAF, not to mention "ziggy from big brother" dropping the F-bomb a few mins later

Knew this was coming, too obvious, i feel like i wont miss out much, will they still show highlights shows? or will it just go to the fight network i wonder?
6/2/08 9:48:54AM
im thinking a deal with Channel 5 or ITV 4 might be on the cards
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