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5/10/08 5:19:37PM
I'm 4-1 , with 53 points. It's been a while since I won a hot bout, so I'm hoping I can finally be near the top in a event this season.

EDIT: Apparently I didn't double check my picks. I picked Ewin in the wager and epstein in the fight.
5/10/08 5:22:43PM
I'm 5-1 so far. Lost money on Marius though
5/10/08 5:22:50PM
Wow Semtex is Excited, he got all up in Che Mills's face
5/10/08 5:23:48PM

Posted by hotrodttt

Wow Semtex is Excited, he got all up in Che Mills's face

Yeah, that was crazy.
5/10/08 5:28:17PM
War Cahoon !!!
5/10/08 5:29:17PM

Posted by D0wnUnd6e6r

War Cahoon !!!

5/10/08 5:30:38PM
i picked w/out knowing anyone but ross & im 1-5 so far. didnt bother to look em up either so they were just shots in the dark
5/10/08 5:44:23PM
4-2 so far. Didn' t think Pointon would win and the hot bout curse continues with me picking Epstein.
5/10/08 5:45:53PM
haha I love the impromptu censorship they had to pull
5/10/08 5:55:40PM
Props to Ian, didn't see him winning this fight.
5/10/08 5:58:41PM
looks like I made a mistake picking Cahoon by UD. He just doesn't have the solution tonight.
5/10/08 6:03:56PM
Does anyone have the results for the three undercard fights? I will post them once I find them.

EDIT: N/M Harra won by submission, Rice won by TKO, and the Goddard/Nog. fight went to a DRAW. Official Results
5/10/08 6:15:10PM
7-2 with 68 Points
5/10/08 6:20:46PM
I also went 7-2, not sure how many points yet though. Got the Mills and Harra fights wrong.

Edit: 52 points
5/10/08 6:25:38PM
I just got done updating. Feel free to check how you did.
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