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7/8/08 1:45:31AM
The UK promotion Cage Rage have secured a new live TV deal.

Nuts TV will broadcast Cage Rage 27: Step Up live from Wembley Arena on 12 July 2008. The fight card includes the ultimate ‘clash of the titans’ when two of the UK’s biggest fighters battle it out with Neil "Goliath" Grove taking on Robert "Buzz" Berry. Phil "The New York Bad Ass" Baroni is topping the fight card against Scott Janson in a brawl that has already got the whole of the Cage Rage community talking.

7/8/08 4:42:02AM
With all the Brits on here I'm surprised this event didn't make the 2nd league. I usually do okay at them but usually don't know half the fighters . I'd much rather save myself the ulcers I get from worrying about how I'll do .
7/8/08 4:47:27AM
Damn, I thought we got rid of Caaaage Raaaaaaaage.
7/8/08 8:04:07AM
Oh well, at least the channels free.
7/8/08 10:52:21AM
damn..i kinda wanted to watch that event....
7/8/08 12:20:46PM
This is pretty signifcant step backwards considering the last 3 events were live on Sky Sports which is the Premier sports channel on satelite/cable tv in the UK

Nuts TV in comparison is small fry and a backwater cable channel

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