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4/6/07 7:44:33AM
If anyone thought that the UFC coming to the UK would affect the ticket sales for Cage Rage in a negative way, well they are wrong as this is so far the fastest selling Cage Rage event in history.

This is a list of how many tickets are currently left:

£1,000 - 11

£200 – 86

£100 – 20

£50 - 212

£35 - 104

£25 - 437

Seeing as how Cage Rage normally sell most of their tickets on the night this is looking very good for them and the UFC coming over hasn't affected their sales much considering there is still a way to go before the event and there are less than 900 tickets left.
4/6/07 8:28:31AM
UFC may actually help Cage Rage over there...

By marketing the sport to a more mainstream audience...

It's no wonder they are doing more shoes now. It will take sometime before any of the world markets are saturated when it comes to live mma action.

4/6/07 9:54:57AM
I dop think though that was on the intial reaction that Bob Sapp was appearing at the event though.

But true the UFC over here is only raising the profile of MMA here in the UK so its all great.
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