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3/6/08 11:23:40AM
Will Cage Rage be televised for free on Saturday (3/8) ?
3/6/08 11:26:51AM
for what its worth
i have cableone & i believe they said we get free showtime this weekend, & i think its gonna be on regular showtime....thats just what i heard, got nothing to back it up

just checked tvguide & it says showtime will have it from 930pm-12am so guess my buddy was correct
3/6/08 11:48:51AM
Damnit. I don't have Showtime.
3/6/08 11:57:22AM
yeah. its on showtime....and i dont have it either....I wish it was on Hdnet...

I was having troubles picking some fights onthis card..I am either gonna do awesome or horrible I have a inbetween for me
3/6/08 12:37:07PM
glad i have it, and can tape it
3/6/08 12:42:43PM
Showtime is scheduled to air some of it on tape delay after live boxing. These 4 fights are scheduled to air:
Ken Shamrock vs. Robert Berry (main event)
Masakazu Imanari vs. Jean Silva
Gary Turner vs. Mustapha Al Turk
Tom Watson vs. Pierre Guillet
3/6/08 1:28:48PM
it is on fight network here in Canada !!

3/6/08 2:35:10PM
how do you guys see the Shamrock and Silv afights going..

I have both losing...but have changed back and forth...tough fights to pick on here..also a few fighters I am not familiar with on the card...makes it hard.
3/6/08 4:20:05PM
Not sure if it'll be on, but they might be streaming it on proelite... Probably worth checking out if you don't have showtime or what ever
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