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3/29/08 11:10:43PM

Controversial and violent mixed martial arts sport expands to include children
3/29/08 11:21:53PM
awesome idea, wish this was around when i was a kid instead of just straight up kickboxing, way safer, why is this controlversial? they wanted to get in there its not like there parents forced them to fight...i hope, if they didnt force them it sounds like cool parents to me and learning at a young age will make you much better, far ahead of the competition... theres 6 billion people on earth is it really that big a deal? while theres horrible civil and external wars going on, famine and despair that could be solved but is kept isolated and all sorts of things that could be changed but most people tend say they believe in freedom of speech and freedom of this and that but dont take action but talk up the idle chatter.....

i'd still say the minimum age should be 12 or 13 but 10 is slightly young for competition since most people dont really build a strong competition base until their teen years
3/29/08 11:31:51PM
Full Padding, 8 -10 Ounce gloves. minimun age 13, then we will talk

EDIT: I Meant for competition.
3/29/08 11:45:49PM
Yeah.......I'm not sure, the word "kid" is broad. If we we talking 16-18 yr olds then i'm ok with it. The sport does take a very hard toll on the body. Mostly through training. So if a Kid were to start at a very early age and actually training to fight could be over before it starts. I have no problem with young kids learning Martial arts in any way. Learn technique and then gradually progress to competition.
3/30/08 12:10:34AM
Awesome!!! My baby boy gonna be next MMA champ, and its legal right here in misery...
3/30/08 1:27:47AM
this is horrible and ignorant publicity for the sport. They show the youtube videos of little kids fighting, saying that they're mimicing the ufc... am I the only one who saw those videos before the ufc was popular? am i the only one who participated in those activities at that age? its called a fight, fights are what popularized the ufc, the ufc didnt popularize fights. There could be a link between the two, and i suspect there is, but to put the responsibility or blame on the ufc unfair and ignorant. First of all, where are the parents? Second of all, mma, if taught properly, like any other martial art, stresses the importance of respect, diligence, integrity, self-restraint... this are values that parents have a hard time teaching their children so if they find it from the sport of mixed martial arts, they will be better off from it. And saying that it can result in severe injuries? what contact sport doesnt? I've had more injuries in volleyball, basketball, and soccer, each, than i've ever had training for mma. And did they mention death? would they mind quoting an incident in which a child training for or competing in mma resulted in their death?

all i can say is heres another article done by people who havent made the effort to understand the sport and feel the need to cause a fuss because they think they've finally figured out the real reason why little kids beat eachother up.
3/30/08 4:22:38AM
im 16, and planning in beginning training in boxing BJJ and wrestling really soon, with dreams, it would be so awesome if this kind of thing was around, the best kind of practice and experience imaginable.
3/30/08 6:16:08AM
like somebody said before, nobody is forcing these kids to do it, 6 is extreme, at least wait til 15 for competition
3/30/08 8:03:28AM
at just turned 17, and been training for a while in different disciplines, i'd love to fight.
3/30/08 10:49:13AM
I sense that a few of you didn't listen to or even watch the video. This is about a state in the US (I think it is Missouri) that has legalized MMA for kids as young as 6 years old. Legalized as in for competition, not just training. The kids have to wear head gear and large gloves until they are 18 years old.

Really, I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I think martial arts training generally prevents people from being violent (for the most part, but there are always exceptions). On the other hand, I don't think submissions and all out sparring/fighting is good for kids' bodies. Kids are not fully developed and really susceptible to injury, which may have an effect on further development.

Some may say that other sports are also risky for kids. Well, the risk of getting hurt is part of being a kid. Heck, getting hurt (to an extent) is part of being a kid. However, I think that practicing/applying submissions and striking (even with head gear) increases the chances for injury at least 10-fold. There are reasons why reputable judo and aikido schools do not allow young kids (under 16) to have submissions applied on them.

As for the video itself, yes, I think it was an attempted shot at MMA. Those youtube videos could have been (and most likely are) nothing more than just kids fighting. I didn't watch them that closely, but most/all of them did not feature kids using any kind of martial art skill at all. Also, it seemed that the UFC clips that they featured were of fighters like Melvi Guillard.
3/30/08 9:28:12PM
I saw this on the Today show the other day. This special is kind of biased and really doesn't get into the details of the training aspect which most states allow, however, kids under the age of 15-16 should NOT be allowed to compete anywhere.
3/31/08 3:52:24PM
I saw Matt Serra get interviewed on one of the news channels about this a few days ago. I think it was Fox News. It was an incredibly biased interview and Matt Serra does not have the speaking expertise to answer questions well. He did at least try to explain the phrase Mixed Martial Arts because the interviewer kept calling it Ultimate Fighting. The guy also didnt understand that Serra has two BJJ schools and not two Ultimate Fighting schools. He doesnt understand that most people who get involved at a young age they are learning a traditional Martial Art and they put them together with others when they get older.
4/1/08 1:03:24AM

Posted by Zombie3785

I know, 6 billion people, with all these wars going on why would anyone care if I want to watch kids or dogs or whatever else fight? There's famine, why I can't I talk my neighborhood children into fighting (I got gloves) or taking some of my wonderful pills

Relax, no more pills
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