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10/10/08 2:32:24PM
is the best name i could come up with for a mma documentary i am working on.
what do you all think?
It focuses mainly on training a young fighter, but the owner of the gym (who is also featured) is/ has been very good friends with Royce and the gracie family for 15+ years......... (since before the UFC)

got any better ideas?
10/10/08 2:40:58PM
na man i like it or maybe enter the cage: a gracie tale lol na im kidding but i like it
10/10/08 3:46:34PM
Caged: A warrior tale.

Not sure if I'm kidding or not tho....
10/11/08 2:09:33AM
From The Cage ?

I like the one you've got, good title
10/13/08 3:29:04PM
sounds alright.
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