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4/19/09 5:16:31PM
This could be huge. PA consistenly puts the most home grown boys in the NCAA's. The problem is they wrestle everywhere. There are many schools in PA alone. PSU, Clarion, Lehigh, Bloomsburg, Edinboro, Loch Haven, Penn, etc... They also travel all over the country to compete for other schools. If Cael can get the cream of the crop to commit to PSU...WOW! Not to mention neighboring high school wrestling powerhouses in New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

I often thought there was no reason why PSU shouldn't be top 5 every year. It only takes an iconic coach who can get his pick of the litter. Here's hoping Cael can accomplish this.

PSU asst coach Perry was discussing the crop of PA wrestlers who will be seniors this year. He stated they could be the best group in 20 years. PA is not only producing qualifiers and All Americans, they along with Ohio, NY and NJ are starting to shift the balance of Championships to the East. Or so I have read.

At PSU Cael can become his own man. Sure, he was beloved by ISU, but no matter what he did, he would always be 1A and 1B with Brand from Iowa, not to mention the long shadow of Gable in Iowa history. I don't know what Cael's goals are, but if everything lines up right, he could take a stab at having the best program of his era.

I know there are a lot of if's involved, but what does everyone else think? I've been out of the loop for quite awhile, but this has me pumped and wishing I lived closer to State College.
4/19/09 6:16:55PM
Thats awesome!
4/20/09 2:47:04PM
Penn State... pffft. Iowa Hawkeyes will always be the best.
4/20/09 4:40:54PM
Oklahoma State all the way!!!!
4/21/09 1:22:25AM
I would like to see Penn State reaping the top talent of the state. I believe they would and will give Iowa a run for their money. Cael said it at his conference, PA has the best wrestling.

Top to bottom, nobody compares. York just had a NWCA nat'l dual tourney with teams from all over competing. PA had two teams. One was some of the best. The other was local boys from the YAIAA Div I. Very solid wrestlers, but not even the best league in their district, let alone the state. The PA top team wiped up. The local boys actually had a finish that was equal to 7th. It was funny seeing guys placing in states losing to guys who didn't even make it to states in PA. There were teams from FL, 2 from NY, 2 from IND, MD, NJ, OH, IL, etc.. Of course Iowa and OK were missing, as well as some others.

Iowa definitely, and the midwest, has the history, but the balance of power has been shifting.

This has me pumped and wanting to dive into wrestling again.

Here's hoping Cael can churn out champions. I believe that has been missing from PA for a long time.
4/21/09 8:16:35PM
This is amazing. I read it today in the paper and about shite myself. IMO PA is the top state in the country in pre-collegiate wrestling. Sanderson coming to PSU hopfully will make a huge difference in where these kids go to school. WAR PSU wrestling.
4/21/09 8:41:48PM
wow, great news if youre a penn st fan, but as a wisconsin guy that just makes next season tougher.
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