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12/16/08 10:27:03AM
I may venture out to the movies tonight and this is one of those flicks that I can't decide whether or not it'd be worth the price of admission. I haven't heard much of anything about it so I'm wondering what you people thought of it.
12/16/08 6:50:54PM
I have no interest in seeing it. But my girlfriend does. So guess what I'm going to be watching within the next week. Cadillac Records. I'll give you my opinion as soon as possible.
12/17/08 9:01:20AM
The story is interesting to me. I haven't seen previews for it.

The people I've talked to said it's not very good. I'll rent it rather than waste money watching it at a theatre.
12/17/08 10:43:18PM
Saw it tonight. Not great. Not good. Not bad, either.

I'd give it a C.
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