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3/29/07 11:22:42PM
Im guessing that the Fertittas will fire his incompetent ass as soon as the transaction is final. Pretty soon we will be seeing Gary host American Idle alongside Ryan Seacrest
3/30/07 8:59:49AM
i like JerryGary. He makes me laugh. I say keep him. Give him a clown wig and a big red nose, and let him frolic at our feet. We can throw him pennies and watch him scramble for them. It will be a good time for all.

Either that, or the American Idol thing. A joke either way.
3/30/07 11:23:08AM
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3/30/07 11:44:05AM
Nice avatar.

I hope pretty boy gets bounced faster than a superball at an 8 year old's birthday party.
3/30/07 8:50:14PM
ahh im just glad to know that there is atleast some justice in this world. Hell maybe Dana will throw him a bone and make him the janitor for the tuf house.
3/31/07 3:13:27AM
3/31/07 3:51:09AM
I'm down with firing him. If they don't then they are trying to generate a false pro wrestling rivalry IMO. Dana saying He didn't care if Lorenzo bought Pride, he was bringing the UFC guys to kick Prides ass, seemed false to me.
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