$5 can buy Twizzlers, not Ronda Rousey's privates

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2/19/13 6:54:10PM

Posted by FlashyG

Posted by grappler0000

There is no pedestal. That's just not how everyone thinks. There are plenty of other females I would say the same about. Now, are you prepared to admit that every female in your life would strip for the camera, given the proper payoff? If you can't admit that, then your logic is flawed.

Personally I think (almost) everyone has a price, some peoples prices are far higher than others and there are likely some out there who are exceptions to the rule but I think most an overwhelmingly high percentage of people would do it for the right price.

Ronda's inadvertently shown her hand there as well, seems her problem is that everyone would get to see those pictures for $5, implying that if they were paying more she'd be willing to consider it.

I think when we say "a price" we have to have some sort of reasonable expectations. Playboy can't dish out 14 trillion dollars obviously. A million would be about the top payout in a best case scenario for nearly anyone they approach...and that's probably a generous amount, considering how poorly they're doing in the internet age. If we talk about an impossible payday, then yeah, a higher number of people could be bought. If kept within reason though, there would be far fewer. I think most would agree with that.

As for the second part, the very next line following the $5 remark was, "I don't care how much money they gave me."
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