Go buy Resident Evil 5

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3/14/09 12:50:47PM
Wow. This may have THE best co-op story mode ever. Redonkulous. I have been waiting for this damn game to come out forever. Lets hear what games you guys and gals will be or have been cheesin' yourselves over the past few months.
3/14/09 12:52:46PM
Its awesome. Ive been getting really bad heads for the last few days so I havent been able to put much time in, but its been sweet so far.
3/14/09 1:03:55PM
Xenosaga. PS2 RPG trilogy that has taken over my console.
3/14/09 2:22:37PM
RE5 is ridiculous. From the stellar graphics to the visceral game play it has been a most enjoyable experience for me and friends of mine. I strongly recommend the game!
3/15/09 2:00:29PM
i played the demo and it seems pretty sweet
3/15/09 3:23:10PM
I just finished the game. Now I plan to go back through with my unlimited ammo shotgun and blow the **** out of everything. Awesome.
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