Would you buy UFC 85 if it was on PPV?

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POLL: Would you buy UFC 85 if it was on PPV?
Yes 62% (18)
no 38% (11)
4/23/08 1:27:32AM
Well I would because i would want to see alot of good quality fights instead of a crappy main event. Just think about it davis vs. swick is gonna be awesome , vera is going to knock out werdum bisping vs. leben (rumored) is a fight of the night nominee, the return of martin kampmann, I have been waiting to see nate vs. thales for a long time too. Plus the possibility of irvin vs. evans where irvin might ko evans. I would mos def buy this over ufc 72, ufc 77, ufc 78, ufc 80. This card is stacked

Would you buy it
4/23/08 2:50:42AM
I will watch it for free or buy it. My thoughts are that even though there is not big name fighters, doesn't mean that it won't be a good event. The more MMA you watch the better in my opinion. You never know what could happen.
4/23/08 4:33:10AM
i watch every fight night period
but man i hate getting ripped off like i did when (ironically) the main event was bisping v evans
4/23/08 8:15:56AM
I don't miss any Live MMA i can get my hands on.
I would pay for if I wasn't a broke a$$ right now just so I could watch it on my HDTV but since I'm currently without $ and it's currently without a main event I see SpikeTV or internet viewing in my future.
4/23/08 8:38:10AM
i don't think it will be on pay per view, it will be free on spike, but if they add the bisping fight, i would buy it, i buy them all my self but this one i might have to ask people to chip in.
4/23/08 9:02:42AM
I'll be buying it, for sure.

I would go, but I don't like London.
4/23/08 9:15:44AM
it's more of a stacked card than 83, even though it doesnt have a big main event. It's still a very very solid fight card.
4/23/08 9:59:12AM
I'd buy it if Kalib Starnes was in the main event.

I always buy the pay-per-views. I'm an MMA nuthugger.
4/23/08 10:25:00AM
Yeah, I would buy it. Overall, there are a lot of good fights on this card.

Besides, sometimes when I'm watching the free shows on Spike, I start to think that I would gladly pay $45 to not have to watch the same commercial over and over again.....
4/23/08 10:38:18AM
Of course. Its shaping up to be an awesome card. Especially if they book Bisping/Leben. Then it'll be one of the best fight cards of the year.
4/23/08 2:50:18PM
Yeah it is stacked. I am looking forward to Werdum vs Vera. It is always difficult to call when 2 of your favorites are fighting. I want Werdum to win beacuse I want to see him fight Big Nog soon.
Davis vs Swick is going to be a great fight. Potentially Fight of the Night. Bisping vs Leben is a nice addition.
The more I think about it the more exited i am. This really is a great card!
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