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7/20/08 7:16:55PM
Post 'em when you got 'em... interested to know!
7/20/08 7:35:47PM
I just read in MMAWeekly hat there was 13,988 people in attendance
7/20/08 7:37:42PM
By comparison, the UFC has held three previous events in the Honda Center -- UFC 59, 63 and 76 -- which drew California State Athletic Commission-certified crowds of 12,604 to 13,814 spectators

I got this from mmajunkie
7/20/08 7:46:52PM
I think he meant the PPV buys, which should come out monday (at least thats what Atencio said) so we should know by than, or a few days later
7/20/08 10:10:24PM
Yeah, he definitely meant PPV buys....
7/21/08 2:57:20AM
still they brought more people in to watch live than the UFC did in three shows
7/21/08 1:04:09PM
I was very surprised to see some of the big UFC names attending the affliction event. The UFC seats looked very empty to me. I'm gonna keep cheking on the ppv #'s and if anyone hears please post
7/21/08 6:19:13PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

still they brought more people in to watch live than the UFC did in three shows

While that is impressive, it's gonna be the PPV buys that makes or breaks Affliction

I just hope we can get at least one more because I enjoyed the hell out of their show on Saturday (even with Megadeth and all)
7/23/08 9:26:45PM
i read that 700 bars/restraunts purchased the event (ufc usually gets 1000)
7/23/08 10:20:05PM
Afflictions CEO said they got over 100,000. Thats great numbers for your first show IMO.
7/25/08 7:49:47PM
It was discussed a little in the news section here .

And people are saying that the 100,000 figure might be inflated. CagePotato talks about it here .
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