Will you buy the new ufc game when it comes out??

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POLL: Are you going to purchase the new UFC game when it comes out?
Oh yeah 91% (78)
no, just rent it 7% (6)
hell no the other games were no good 2% (2)
2/11/08 2:07:03PM
I'm so excited for this game, I have never played any of the other ufc games, so I hope its good and I hope they have good controls and a good career mode. I know I'm gonna buy it when it comes out

are you going to buy it??
2/11/08 2:21:38PM
for sure... even if its not all its cracked up to be, atleast I have something to mess around with.
2/11/08 2:26:28PM
Ya definately,im getting this the day its out.Can't wait
Hope its good.
2/11/08 2:28:49PM
I will be for sure getting it, just hope that the fights make it out of the first, and there are no Marco Ruas double punches.
2/11/08 3:08:07PM
i will rent it because the other UFC games sucked imo
2/11/08 3:24:20PM
when is it coming out.
2/11/08 3:57:32PM

Posted by blakeon

when is it coming out.

It's still TBA. According to a thread i saw on the news page, info will be released come April at UFC 83.
2/11/08 4:02:02PM
I will buy it no matter what, but I hope the designers and/or the UFC aren't stupid enough to leave out a career mode involving TUF.
2/11/08 4:51:51PM
i always play games before i buy them, im a penny pincher evev tho i dont have to be
2/11/08 4:57:21PM
THQ is making it if I'm not mistaken, and they're responsible for the greatest wrestling game ever made, WCW vs. NWO: Revenge.
2/11/08 8:31:52PM
Every MMA game sucks exept PrideFC and THQ made it on a medium budget.UFC is going to have a superhigh budget and THQ is making it. Pride was damn near perfect for its time imo lacking only a career mode. If create a fighter is as good as prides I might have to buy new pants.
2/11/08 8:35:22PM
if it comes out 1080 P for the ps3 i will
2/11/08 8:40:13PM
2/11/08 9:06:56PM
If Cro Cop`s in it I will buy 3...Anyways yeah i`ll buy it.
2/11/08 9:34:20PM

Posted by cmill21

If Cro Cop`s in it I will buy 3...Anyways yeah i`ll buy it.

of corse he'll be in it
2/11/08 10:20:57PM
I'll get it for PS3

and i really hope( I dunno if they announced this already) from THQ to keep it up with online updates such as records, roster updates(like other sports games) , etc. maybe sell them on the PS Store and make some misc. available for free
2/11/08 10:28:21PM
I'll definetally be getting the game when it comes out! I'm a huge sports game player and this one should be good. Hopefully it's a realistic game.
2/12/08 12:44:01AM
I got a PS3 sitting here waiting for it to come out.
2/12/08 4:40:40AM
I will get my region-free copy from china for $50 for sure.


Not all games are region-free, But many are!
2/12/08 6:30:04AM
Everyone simply HAS to get it!!!!!!!!

Will be rad to fight some of you fools on Xbox Live
2/12/08 11:03:45AM
I don't plan to buy another console system, so unless it's released for PCs, I won't be getting it.
2/12/08 3:19:53PM
will it come out for the ps2?
2/12/08 3:53:21PM
No dude its a proper "next gen game" but xbox 360's will be even cheaper by then and worth getting for this and a certain lil game called GTA4
2/12/08 4:22:40PM

Posted by CornishMMA

No dude its a proper "next gen game" but xbox 360's will be even cheaper by then and worth getting for this and a certain lil game called GTA4

yeah i cant wait for GTA 4 to come out it was suppose to come out last fall but i dont understand the stalling, it will totally be worth waiting 3 sequals of GTA 3 to get finally
2/12/08 4:56:37PM
i cant wait for it, i wish it would come out sooner
2/15/08 6:48:15PM
hell ya i'll get it .i just hope its better than the last game that one was horrible . this game is getting such good reviews i dont see it being bad . check out the trailer on you tube
2/15/08 8:08:34PM
yes i will....and i hope its good.
2/16/08 9:10:52PM
THQ made all of the greatest wrestling games. All of the prior UFC games were made by another company and on a low budget.. the other games weren't horrible, but they need to emphasize more BJJ and GnP in this one to make it more realistic.
2/17/08 12:33:07AM
hell yeah i will buy it. any game that has to do with fighting is worth checking out.
2/17/08 3:01:48AM
I don't know if everyone knows but there are already PS2/Xbox/gamecube MMA games out there. I thought I would bring this up for the people that don't know about the other MMA games out.

I own UFC - Throwdown, UFC - Sudden Impact, and Pride FC. All of them are fairly good games even more so if your a fan of MMA. I wouldn't say they are the best fighting games out but its MMA on console which is always cool. It also something to play while we wait for the new one to come out.
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