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9/11/08 8:47:19PM
thats right will robb you do not buy anything from them they have adds in UG mag Im sure in others too do NOT buy anything from them.

My wife bought some things from them and we never got it they just charged the account and then gave us the run around when we would call or email them they suck horse balls
9/11/08 8:54:26PM
Did you have a bad expeirence with them.
9/11/08 8:59:02PM
Could be a little bit more specific about the incident.
9/11/08 9:18:12PM

Posted by DJDark41

Could be a little bit more specific about the incident.

9/11/08 9:23:51PM
i think JJ freak was talking about this same site on another thread and how it ripped him off
9/11/08 9:25:06PM
weird, today in my college personal finance class we were talking about fruad and stuff like this.
9/11/08 9:45:30PM
there's another thread where somene got screwed which prolly is why there is thread liek this, but yeah from what i read they seem pretty shady
but thats only from what i read
9/11/08 10:05:38PM
same thing for me I bought an Anderson silva shirt and never got it I tried to call them numerous times and I have the documentation from the order but what the heck can I do? They charged me and I have the reciept but what I don't have is the shirt,

I emailed them a bunch of times and have those e-mails saved but over 2o something dollars I don't think I can do anything. But for me being in college $20 is something to me.
9/11/08 10:08:04PM
He gives a detailed description on my thread below , Computer Fraud. I too was ripped off today. Some people are genuinely pathetic.
9/18/08 8:38:41PM
I always buy gear on, never had a problem.
9/19/08 1:32:57PM
they robbed me as well. never returned one e-mail or 1 phone call. but i won't give up, i'll take the rip to California just for the principle of the matter.
10/3/08 8:38:57PM
I just got a call back from Melissa (the person in charge there who was very sincere) after leaving a message two hours ago at the number 760.754.7000, their actual store number, NOT their online department. Saw it by my debit card charge. You can leave a voicemail there, unlike the online department. ***She told me the owners actually had to let go of three people very recently because they were stealing money from FGO and customers.***

NOW try giving them a call and make sure to leave a voicemail with your number and stuff.

I will paste this in all of the FGO hate threads because to me it is an excusable situation (of course my order was only placed nine days ago). I don't really care if you think I am a store-member or something stupid. Just try giving them a call as of today and on.
10/4/08 12:12:26AM

Posted by mmaboo

I always buy gear on, never had a problem.

10/4/08 1:12:47AM
they robbed my brother and apparently there was a problem with their online purchasing. someone was corrupt and was stealing money, hopefully my bro can get his money back
11/19/08 5:57:47PM
In my case they totally blew me off. I ordered a hat for around $36 with shipping on Oct 5, 2008. They seemed happy enough to charge my credit card immediately. However, as of today I have not received a thing. I have called the vendor at least a dozen times on both numbers provided here. Not only have they not returned a single call, they aren't even taking messages anymore!

I filed a report with the San Diego better business bureau and hope things can be resolved, but looking at their score- I'm not hopeful. According the the BBB, FGO has a rating of "F" with 23 complaints in the last 36 months.

in my experience, this vendor is as shady as they come. I would never recommend anyone to use them.
11/19/08 7:39:01PM
Please do not make an account for the sole purpose of spreading the word about this company. I am treating them just like accounts made for the sole purpose of advertising.

If you are a regular member of this site and want to share your experiences, then that is cool, but all accounts made just to trash this company will be suspended.
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