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9/15/07 4:35:44PM
Death, taxes, Related News and Chuck Liddell. The first two we can all do without, but when it comes to the sure things in this world, it’s nice to know that the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion never changes.

9/15/07 5:53:20PM
i really wanna see the icemans next fight i wanna see how he is going come back from this loss
9/15/07 5:57:21PM
Can't see himcoming out other than focused and hungry. The Ice man is going to dominate and destroy
9/15/07 8:16:30PM

Posted by kevinmitchell300

Can't see himcoming out other than focused and hungry. The Ice man is going to dominate and destroy

lol he wasnt focused and hungry to defeat rampage and avenge the only loss he still had left on his record?? the guy has major holes in his striking, he can't take anybody down even when he's losing standing, everytime he goes to his back he gets pounded out, and he doesn't respect his body or train properly. add to that he's 37, and reality starts to kick in.
9/16/07 1:26:59AM
Chuck should win. That being said, I would not be suprised at all if Jardine knocked him out.
9/16/07 1:15:28PM
I hate to say it, but with the way the LHW division is stacking up, Liddell may never have his belt again.
9/17/07 2:28:40AM
Its too bad that everyone has lost faith in Chuck so easily, this man dominated for half a decade and when he loses everyone throws him under the wagon. Frankly I dont care about the new Pride fighters thrown in the 205 mix, other than Jackson none of them have been all that impressive at all. Even by finishing Liddell Jackson didnt impress me, Liddell dropped his hands, it happens, he lost....Rampage really didnt do anything specail....keep your eyes peeled folks, Liddell will be back.
9/17/07 8:13:07PM
chuck is my favroite fighter chuck lost because he made a common mistake that yes did cost him but dosent matter he is diffrent and he has changed and silve and chuck are fighting on dec 29 for the title shot
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