Bushfires in Australia

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2/15/09 11:10:33PM
i wanted the familys that lost someone to theses fires .my hopes and prayers.. i know we have a big aussie follwing here in the playground. and want to lend my support, look at the link for more info
2/16/09 12:27:08AM
I live in Victoria, where all the fires are happening, and luckily for me, i live outta the danger zone, but its very clsoe to some of our major cities.

I've had to work where the fires ahve been, and they came within 10 meters of homes.

So i'd jsut like to send out a huge prop to all the firefighters and Volunteers out there doing their best.

2/16/09 2:15:14AM
i can get down with that good luck out there aussies!! stay safe.
2/17/09 1:35:24AM
Thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones
2/18/09 4:06:57AM
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