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3/2/08 3:35:55PM
I was dissipointed that the IFL completely eleminated the "team concept"

I was fine that it went to camp, but I thought they would at least keep "score" and have the whole playoffs and stuff.

so sad.

3/2/08 4:15:37PM
Never liked the team aspect of it, although thats what made them stood out in the crowd, now they are just another one in the bunch.
3/2/08 9:23:54PM
Ya i did'nt think I would be but i am bummed

I think the IFL will fold soon
3/5/08 7:50:22AM
I thought the team based aspect of the IFL was interesting,but it came off more as a gimmick,and to be honest,I don't think the team format suits MMA that well.Just my opinion,but I think when a fighter steps in the ring or octagon and represents his fight camp,that's team enough.
3/5/08 11:11:17AM
In theory, I didn't mind the team concept. However, in practice, I didn't like it. Once a team was eliminated, you didn't get to see those guys fight any more.
3/5/08 3:37:47PM
I like the idea of different fight camps fighting each other, but the way the IFL had it last year just seamed bush league.
3/5/08 4:17:45PM
I don't care how they package it. As long as it is MMA, I can dig it.
3/5/08 6:37:21PM
I never got into the whole IFL thing. Sure it was some decent MMA fights but it just doesn't excite me like UFC or PRIDE.