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3/20/09 12:39:07AM
Brand new MTV show, hosted by "The Craziest Man in MMA" Jason Mayhem Miller. Premieres Sunday March 22nd at 9:30 Pm only on MTV.

3/20/09 3:55:26AM
Awesome!!! More crap to ignore on TV!

Just so I get the premise of this show- Some poor bastards too old to hide behind mommy's skirt anymore have to hide behind Miller's skirt instead?! Honestly, this show would be far more captivating if they actually trained those loosers and let them kick ass for themselves.

I don't have any interest in watching trained fighters hold a glorified sparring session with a nobody. Worst of all, this show solves nothing. They drop 10K on those "victims" in the end? Where is that supposed to go, unless they spend some on MMA training, and maybe a hot chick to wrap around their arm, they'll be getting beatdown again by someone else two days after the show is done taping.

The Playground Bullies have officially removed endorsement of this programming.
3/20/09 4:01:09AM
I don't see why you don't like the premise of a big 250lb a*shole getting treated the same way he did to a helpless 5'0 150 uncoordinated nerd. Doesn't go well with y'alls team name ( i know you're above that of course) but who doesn't like seeing a bully get his a8s handed to him?
3/21/09 5:55:14AM
Man I respect Mayhem alot, but he's like some of my in-laws.
I can only take him in small doses.
3/21/09 7:53:17AM
I cant wait for the show. I love Mayhem and hate bullies, and some of the guys in the in the videos ive seen so far seem like absolute douchers, so it should be fun!
3/21/09 3:45:46PM
i wanna be a bully just so i can fight someone lmaooooooooooo

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