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3/20/10 6:28:11PM
Ok i know this show is pretty cheesy and prob not real, but i was thinking the other day if i was the bully and i was standing there waiting to see who i was gonna fight and Lesnar or AA or cro cop came out just how much i would **** my pants. Trust me people it would be a heavy load my question is who would make you **** yourself if you were standing there waiting to fight someone? thought it would be a fun topic.

side note. I use HW cause i am a HW. use whoever you like.
Also on my list is Wandy, would not enjoy seeing him do the wrist roll thing while looking my way
3/20/10 7:06:05PM
well since i compete at 170 i walk around at about 185 so i guess on bully beatdown i would fight at 185 since i wouldn't be cutting. i think in the first round i really wouldn't **** myself necessarily since i wouldn't get scared to grapple with anyone, no matter how much better they were than me.

with that being said, the second round of striking would be the round that would cause me to "sh*t my pants" hahaha. i would say if i saw Anderson Silva or Wanderlei i would pretty much need a new pair of pants
3/20/10 8:43:41PM
I'd be pretty nervous as I am a LHW and look like a white version of Babalu......have absolutely the most minute skills striking and am pretty sure that 90% of the UFC LHW div would destroy me in the standing....worst case scenerio would be Gegard Mousasi, or Machida. I would do a lot better against Babalu or someone like that for sure.
3/20/10 11:07:57PM
Krzysztof Soszynski

Who am I missing?......
3/21/10 12:46:31AM
3/21/10 6:52:47AM
I wouldnt S^%$ myself I know how to duck and cover...
3/21/10 1:04:58PM


3/21/10 1:15:37PM
WW here.

Probably Paul Daley, Anthony Johnson or Diaz (he probably wouldn't hold back at all and go 100% full force)
3/21/10 1:56:27PM
For me Lesnar dude is a freak of nature I would just see him hoping up and down with that evil smile he has
3/22/10 8:09:14PM
Wand would make me geek out and **** my pants all at once if he gave me one of those old school stare downs from back in the day.
3/22/10 11:06:26PM
Lesnar easily. BJ Penn or GSP as well and also Rampage or Anthony Johnson are all pretty scary guys. Kimbo slice would scare the **** out of me too not gonna lie
3/22/10 11:38:40PM
I think of all people I definitely wouldn't want to match up with someone like Mike Kyle or Gilbert Yvel. They just seem like mean dudes who would make it a point to beat the piss out of you. I think most other people would just beat you up a little but not go all out.

That being said, I'm a WW so obviously I wouldn't be able to do a damn thing against GSP, lol. I'm trying to think of a mean ass WW but I dunno if there really are that many??
3/26/10 8:37:23PM
I will be honest and say the when Evangelista the original "Cyborg" Santos stares down the camera and I am looking at the TV/PC screen........he scares me. He has that thousand yard stare thing going. Almost like he is on another planet. He has the serial killer look. I dont know but he scares me! Wandy has the same kinda stare but not as convincing when not fighting. Santos has that look damn near all of the time.
4/2/10 6:50:54PM
Im about 145 so i would definitly not wanna stand there and see Jose Aldo walk out and knee my face in lol
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