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2/24/08 7:31:27PM
Friday, I got a P M. I can't remember the guys name on here. Sorry. He got banned anyways. Well, anyways, he told me he was a representitive for this old man that died in a plane crash, and he was a multi-millionaire, and yes, the old man left it to me. Just makes you laugh that people even try these scams. He asked for my bank account so he could 'deposit' money in my account. Yeah., sure. Let me get on that right away. He would have had better luck telling me I just got a job as head coach of Oakland Raiders. What an ass-hole. Get a job.
Peace! Did anyone else get a P M from this fool?
2/24/08 8:21:12PM
No, but this is a classic bank in Africa type scam.
2/25/08 2:09:28PM
Yeah he PM,d me and I gave him my bank details. This morning I was $1million richer than I was yesterday.

How do you feel now, something like this I guess
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