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9/8/07 5:17:02PM
Micheal Bisping got damn lucky. Damn, it helps being the fan favorite sometime, I am totally disgusted by the judges' decision.

I thought Matt Hamill clearly won the 1st and 2nd round (some could even argue even the 3rd round since Hamill got 2 TDs). What happen to all those points that TDs are suppose to score? Man, I don't know what else to say. It was so pathetic.

9/8/07 5:32:00PM
I thought it was allright tbh, I don't think takedowns are supposed to give so many points look at how Nick Diaz has been robbed so many times by that.

I thought hamil def won the first round and the other two were bispings
9/8/07 6:11:31PM
Hammil was robbed!!!Bisping did nothing for the whole fight.That was bullshit!!!
9/8/07 6:17:26PM

Hammil was robbed!!!Bisping did nothing for the whole fight.That was bullshit!!!

Bisping was over dominated in round one, thats the nerves of having the whole of the uk on your shoulders. He started to find his range in round two and did some damage, hamill looked gassed after round two. Bisping by split was the right call. Lets be honest guys, hamill is tough, no doubt about it. If they'd fought in the final of the ultimate fighter series, i think we would of got the same decision as tonight. Mike needs to go down to middleweight now. Good show of respect in that fight, all the trash talk goes out the window and the mutual respect came through in their fight.

I think rampage was lucky, i had henderson down 3-2 rounds.

Marcus davis ... fight of the night !!!!
9/8/07 6:26:29PM
Hamill definitely won!
9/8/07 6:36:08PM

Bisping was over dominated in round one, thats the nerves of having the whole of the uk on your shoulders. He started to find his range in round two and did some damage, hamill looked gassed after round two. Bisping by split was the right call.

I hope your joking(or english and biased).Bisping got battered in round 1..and was repeatadly taken down.Hammill landed way more punches than Bisping and cut him under both eyes.That was shocking!!I have alredy heard alot of english bisping fans saying he clearly lost.
9/8/07 7:18:58PM

Posted by owen1
he clearly lost.

I agree btw I forgot the sarcasm tags in my post
9/8/07 7:22:53PM
most certainly hamill should have gotten that one, felt like bisping was retreating the entire fight.
Didnt really land any good shots either, could agree that bisping got the 3rd round, but thats also a round that could have gone either round imo
9/8/07 8:34:13PM
hamill won the fight clearly, and 1 judges saw this very well with a 30-27, but the other 2 judges were cheating, there is no other ways to see that, dana have to put these 2 judges on a blacklist or something like that.

dana will receive many compliant about this decision and i can say that this decision was looking like an aranged boxing match, like in the past, and we dont want this in mma.

london or not , bisping did not won the fight in any ******* ways.

9/8/07 8:39:40PM
Hamill won the fight he had round 1 & 2 it was total B/S if you ask me. Round 3 was the hardest to call.

Bisping knows he lost that fight he was in his corner complaining about how hamill was beating him standing.

The poor guy got screwed over imo. I was very impressed with hamill though he made a good show for a wrestler!
9/8/07 8:42:36PM
I agree tuvok500. have some props..
9/8/07 9:21:37PM
Hamill showed a TON of class. Just said he beat me fair and square, I like matt. He beat Bisping soundly, I felt he did anyways.
9/8/07 9:48:02PM
Yeah, if I were Bisping, I would not be proud of my win. He got a freebie for sure.

P.S. Although Houston was impressive, that guy gassed so badly in the post-fight interview.
9/8/07 11:08:05PM
Wow.....just wow. Hamill dominated that fight the first and second round and squeaked out the imo. This is a travesty.
9/8/07 11:13:59PM
Matt Hamill clearly won this, if they where in the USA i think it would have went the other way,anyone agree?
9/8/07 11:17:41PM
It was almost like he knew he was getting the nod when the first judge gave it to him. watch the replay. You know I had told my wife earlier thatjudges in ufc were not crooked and it was way more on the level than boxing. 2 fights later, this. You guys who say bisping won are seriuosly delusional. That was the biggest joke of a decision I can remember. I really have been unimpressed with bispings last 2 fights.
Im glad I didnt bet like I had planned cause I might have started throwing things.....
9/8/07 11:18:06PM

Posted by loonytnt

Matt Hamill clearly won this, if they where in the USA i think it would have went the other way,anyone agree?

Agreed 100%
9/8/07 11:23:57PM
Cecil peoples showing his crap refing and understanding of the sport yet again terrible judging by him and the other guy they brought in. there needs to be better and more inpartial judges. becuase bisping didnt land much for punches he never had octogon control, and he did nothing but defend on the ground i fail to see where he won the fight in any place of the 3 rounds. only round maybe in question is round 3 and matt had two TD's and defended any offensive attempt from bisping aswell as controled positions. seriously other then him being a fan favorite(not in my case) i dont see how he won im in utter shock,
9/9/07 12:14:14AM
Worst decision ever
9/9/07 12:34:47AM
that decision was bullshit. i actually wanted bisping 2 win but after him commenting for hamell to go back to wrestling after bisping was clearly outboxed is bullshit. i lost alot of respect for him.
9/9/07 12:34:51AM
Hamill, easily 30-27. I'm not sure if the judges were watching the same fight as me, but I think they were just trying to play to the home crowd, and the only way they could get away with giving Bisping the decision was to make it a split. Matt Hamill won that fight, and Michael Bisping knows it.
9/9/07 12:42:39AM
Seriously, that decision made me sick. The 70+ pages of discussion on sherdog back this up. I wish there were an alternate to ufc in mma still.
9/9/07 12:45:28AM

Posted by silverbullet

This was a bullshit decision, I mean there should have been no decision!!! Hammil dominated the fight from the first to the last second. Oh dear, Bisping landed a couple of shots in the third round! Let's give him the whole fight!!!

I don't even want to watch the UFC anymore...

Bisping is an amateur, he's never fought anybody with a semi-decent record. The way he was prancing like a little girl after they gave him the fight, it was just pathetic. I used to think Hammil was a dick, but he actually showed alot of class, and I have new found respect for him. I don't think either of them is a great fighter, they are both semi-pros at best. Bisping needs to drop to 185, because he's a punk who got handled.

This is utter bullshit.

hamil won that fight very decisively, and anybody who says different is biased. this will give the ufc a bad rep, especially since it was on national television. i too just lost a ton of respect for the ufc and i wouldnt blame anyone who stopped watcing it. the judges were dirty and bisping prancing around afterwards was salt in the wound. the day the ufc starts rigging fights is when it loses all credibility to me. had this fight been in the states i believe the decision would have gone the other way. this issue had better be addressed at the post-fight conference cuz the "dont let the fight go to the judges, because u dont know how the fight will turn out" thing is getting really old.
9/9/07 12:48:24AM
Wow i Got screwed over in this event, especially this fight. I was almost positive it would be a unanimous decision and then i would have picked it perfect and would have made a nice chunk of money.

I am not so sure there is a corrupt judging system, just an ignorant or easily influenced one, either way these kinds of decisions cant be tolerated

I came into this fight loving both fighters and man i was almost depressed when Hamill took the high path and congratulated him.

I didnt understand how people could dislike Hamill before, and i dont understand how you can now. On the other hand i lost a lot of respect for Bisping in the way he handled it.
9/9/07 12:52:13AM
Guys guys, I agree the decision was bogus, but hold off blaming the UFC until more info comes about. Judging is determined independently from the UFC. Yes, the UFC could have influenced decisions, but lets hold off crying wolf.
9/9/07 12:53:18AM
Thank God i came here to find the same things being said that were being said in my living room tonight. Bisping was purely out wrestled and out striked in this match. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be Hamill winning 30-27 for a UD. He did exactly what he needed to do he even let Bisping up so he could show he can win with out wrestling and thats in my mind just what he did. I personally feel robbed after cing that fight as you could tell Matt Hamill was disappointed and showed nothing but class to Bisping in the loss. However it shouldn't have been a loss. I never like Bisping and always thought he was too cocky and wasn't able to back it up. I'm still so mad that Bisping bad mouthed Hamill after the fact he got his butt kicked for 3 rounds straight wow i dont understand what match the judges saw but Matt Hamill put it to Bisping and i thought gave the judges no doubt that he was the real TUFer champ.
I personally say Matt Hamill won that fight and I would like to talk to someone who saw that fight go any other way. He did much more damage than Bisping and Bisping was lucky to land a shot. I really am disappointed in this and i think something needs to be done to fix this injustice.
9/9/07 12:54:26AM
The thing I was surprised about was the announcers especially Joe Rogan I was surprised that they acted like Bisping deserved to win the fight. It just seems a little suspicious that Joe Rogan who odviously is an expert and has a big mouth didn't disagree with the decision
9/9/07 12:55:19AM
I am a big Bisbing fan but Hamil clearly won this fight i agree that if they were any where else Hamil wins this fight 29-28 hands unam. Hamil
9/9/07 12:55:46AM
Totally agree....Hamill won

Also, I'm really disappointed and worried since this kind of scenes are making mma look like boxing in terms of fixing judge's decisions.
9/9/07 1:01:32AM
i'm a fan of bisping, but, he shouldn't have won that match. I would have given him the third round by a slight margin. But the first two were dominated by hammil.

I think he should drop down to 185, not because of this whole thing, but because he does have potential, good striking, and pretty well versed in submissions. But there is just no way he can fight against rampage or liddell.
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