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4/1/08 8:00:57PM
I'm not sure if this should be in here but i do need training advice.
My youngest brother has just turned 15, he's been training in Judo since he was young and is great at it. We're all a athletic family Me with boxing since i was young, Judo for over year and a few classes of BJJ and my dad was a wicked boxer and also was in the British display team for Ju Jitsu when he was young. Anyway...

He came to me the other day and asked if he could start to teach him boxing an if he could start coming to BJJ with me as he'd love to get into MMA. I'm not being bias here or anything but he seriously is awesome at Judo. By far the best in his class and if it wasn't for the height an weight difference he could probably toss me like a rag doll! Anyway I'm getting off track.

He wants to get into MMA and i said he has a great base with Judo but boxing would be a mistake. I personally think their are too many flaws for it to be a major threat in MMA. You can't duck to dodge a punch as you would get kneed in the face for one but their are many more.

I suggested he start Kickboxing and come to the BJJ with me, but i want him to have the best chance possible to succeed and would like to know what you guys thought.

Am i making a mistake telling him to go to Kickboxing over Muay Thai(Sp) or even boxing?
Is their something better for the ground game than BJJ?

He has a solid base and is very athletic, young keen to learn and tough as hell.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

On a side note, how awesome is it my brother is going to be a MMA fighter!!!!

4/1/08 10:03:55PM
I couldn't tell you what would be best for your brother or anything specific like that, but beetween , Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and boxing. Definatly go with Muay Thai, Compaered to kickboxing or boxing it trains you in everything you need in MMA stand-up wise, Like you siad with boxing it will teach you to duck punches but not kicks or nee's, kickboxing is better, but Muay Thai is the total package when it comes to striking. once he gets a mauy thai base you could show him boxing to get his punching abitlity better. But ulitimatly you should let your brother decied what he wants because it is really his decsion, not ours.
4/1/08 11:50:15PM

Definately with Muay Thai first and a follow up in boxing to sharpen the skills. As for better than BJJ? just depends, as you probably know it is the opposite of wrestling, but he could probably get into the wrestling team at high scholl for free/relatively cheap. It teaches great ground basics, but if he does it for too long he may end up with problems being on his back. Wrestling develops core strenght and endurance like a mutha though! I would put him in High School wrestling, that way he could continue with Judo, and even move into Muay Thai without burning him out with too many after school activities...the boy needs a social life too you know? Plus as I said before it's usually free, and you will already have a new expense if you start him in Muay Thai. Hope this helps!
4/2/08 12:25:17AM
Boxing doesn't translate well but look at his style. Is a judo fighter gonna throw kicks when it could take his balance off? I don't know.

I would suggest MuayThai and Submission/catch wrestling.

I have yet to see a guy who was great at Muay Thai(outside fighting/inside clinching with strikes), Judo (great clinch control) and Submission wrestling (A major complement to Judo's style assisting with control and base)

Keep in mind MMA is making the bottom guard position obsolete because everyone is learning major BJJ defense to survive.

These are my opinions.

Wrestling and Judo are an excellent complement of styles, don't rule it out.

P.S. not to be a dick but Muay Thai has consistantly smashed KickBoxing. You two should check some videos to see the styles collide. And non full contact kickboxing is another that doesn't translate well.
4/2/08 8:19:31AM
I agree with everyone on striking...Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing in order of how Id choose.

On alot of threads people say high school wrestling b/c its free (aside from the benefits of conditioning, core strength, etc...) I agree 100%... BUT, a high school wrestling team is going to most likely be every single day after school (as it should be)...and if he wants to stay deticated to Judo, that doesnt leave much time for anything else. Your best option in THAT scenario may be for YOU to teach him some boxing around a schedule that works for BOTH of you.

Maybe just some basics on punches..? Nothing crazy enough to get him inot "bad habbits" but enough to get him used to moving around, throwing solid punches and getting hit... And then let him focus mainly on his judo/wrestling. Everyone says its best to have a SOLID base in one particular area when coming into MMA rather then be a "jack of all trades but master of none".
4/2/08 8:26:20AM
^^^ I got a little off topic.

1. Muay Thai. By far, depending where your located it may be hard to find a legitimate school.

2. If he doesnt want to do wrestling, I say BJJ definatly. IMO, Gi BJJ is best for defense/positioning and No gi is better for offense. Some think training in the Gi "holds you back" in MMA, But if hes only 15, I think a few years of Gi would be a good base, and it doesnt take long to go to no-gi after that...take it as you will

4/2/08 2:13:06PM
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4/5/08 5:39:52PM

Posted by Omega

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4/6/08 12:16:17AM
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4/6/08 3:41:48PM
4/6/08 8:34:29PM
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