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1/1/09 12:08:08PM
Would anyone be able to help me out with where my HDD LED and reset switch connectors go? I don't have a mobo manual so I can't refer to that. I've got the power and power led's in the right spot, but I don't know where the others go. Any help?
1/1/09 12:25:35PM
what is your motherboard model number ?

1/1/09 12:28:14PM
I've tried finding it but can't. I went the cheap route and started with an Emachines, then replaced everything excpet HD, CD, and mobo. It says Boxer on the mobo, but when I search it ntohing really turns up. Much less any sort of diagram. I was just hoping there was a typical location for these connectors.
1/1/09 12:32:02PM
It's generally in the same group of connection pins. Are they labeled? Most current MB's are. For your HD LED, it usually says HD or HDD...and the reset is generally RES.

If it's not labled, you could go to the manufacturer's website to see if they have a manual online or perhaps a google search will turn one up.
1/1/09 12:33:13PM
if your computer power up you can press delete several time during the boot to enter the bios and you will see everything , bios version, brand, model etc...

1/1/09 12:47:08PM
I'll have to try that. I've always been nervous about messing with the bios. I'll probably screw something up.

Grappler: They're not labeled. I only knew where the power/power led's went by looking at my old case and tracing it to the plug. My old case was stupid and didn't have a reset sw or hd led. I can't locate my motherboard model. It's all very frustrating. I know I don't necessarily need these things, but it'd be nice to have everything work.
1/1/09 12:50:21PM
no danger man !!

you just read and use the arrow to change page !!

and if you think you have changed something you just have to exit without saving !!

1/1/09 12:52:55PM
K. I'll try it. But I know my brain will try to ruin everything.
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