Buentello Officially Cut By UFC, Fights At Shark Fights 11

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4/22/10 10:17:39AM
Paul Buentello's UFC release is at last official. He has been officially released by the promotion and has signed to face Bryan Humes at Shark Fights 11 according to his manager. Buentello reportedly is still on good terms with UFC and could return should he put together a winning streak outside the promotion.

4/22/10 3:12:03PM
I understand Paul needs a tune up fight and all, needs to put together a win streak, needs to get his confidence back....but Humes!! Who the hell is Humes!! That is not someone he should be fighting right now......unless he is using him to show off his new wrestling abilities then I say this fight is total BS!!!
4/22/10 3:52:53PM
I guess they are taking the same approach with Buentello as they did with Houston. Hopefully Paul can pull together some wins and get back into the UFC.
4/22/10 6:41:12PM
IDK Houston was 9-5 when he left the UFC and his first fight was against Beltran who was 9-3.....Buentello is 27-12 while Humes is 6-0......that 0 must be weighing heavily in somebody's mind to think that these two should be fighting each other. The experience difference is enormous.
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