Buentello and Coker not seeing eye to eye, UFC bound?

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9/10/09 9:50:00PM
Buentello and Coker not seeing eye to eye, UFC bound?

Coker speaks on Buentello and says he turned down Fedor fight, and was let out of his Strikeforce contract.
9/10/09 10:16:51PM
i heard he turned down fedor fight but i do think he lands in ufc
i always liked paul
9/10/09 10:27:13PM
I like Buentello, hope he ends up in the UFC.
9/10/09 10:47:30PM
I've always liked Buentello as well but let's be honest, he's a second tier Heavyweight at best. I don't see that many intrigueing matchups for him in the UFC and with the influx of fighters due to come in after TUF 10 is there really room for "The Headhunter"? I just don't see the logic in signing a vet like Buentello. He's not a draw and he's not that good. I guess they could use him to build up prospects but that role is already being filled by Heath Herring and Chieck Kongo and Mustapha Al-Turk and... well the list goes on but my point is why? Why Buentello and why now?
9/10/09 11:06:14PM
Eh, why not? The UFC seems to be snatching up everyone with a semi-recognizable name lately, and he'd be a servicable card-filler to throw in against someone looking for a win.
9/10/09 11:09:18PM
He took out Baby Fedor, he should have went for the Big Papa. Its not like he had much to lose other than his boyish good looks.
9/11/09 12:16:25AM
I'd take him for the name recognition alone. Give him a three fight contract and see what happens. There are some interesting match ups that could be made
9/11/09 2:17:17AM
I'm sure people would enjoy his stand up... that's all he wants to do, anyway.

9/11/09 2:54:10AM
I hope the UFC picks him up, and resigns him, I want to see him in the UFC and so do a lot of other people. He's a good fighter and former title contender, I say give him benefit of the doubt and sign him.
9/11/09 7:44:00AM
If dana and co really plan and doing like 40 shows in 2010 they need every possible A and B list fighter available.
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