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2/16/08 2:06:17AM
I used to work in the hotel industry for a long time, right out of college and working in room service you meet some very interesting people. Some famous, some not. I was wondering who are your brushes with anyone famous, it can be good or bad.
One good is John Elway former QB for the Denver Broncos, very funny person as he had came to the hotel I worked at quite a few times for vacation and charity events. Always ordered double drinks and very personable asking how your day was going, small chit chat. Huge tipper always 80-100% of the bill would be a tip.
A few bad, Jay-Z, could have been a bad day/morning for him but the one time I did meet him was kinda a jerk about his food sending back his meal 3 times and his complaint the 3rd time was he wanted a new meal after he had already ate the one that was brought to him. Basically wanting a new one for free and stiffing on the tip.
Another one kinda bad, Scottie Pippen former Chicago Bull, ordered a crap ton of food, drinks and everytime id go to his room to deliver he'd send me back a few times for things he wanted from the gift shop or the bar. Not a big deal but make it worth my while. i guess they dont call him "No tippin' Pippen" for nothing.

Anyone else have a few brushes with celebs?
2/16/08 2:09:47AM
jean claude van dam got kicked out of a casino i was at, he was all wasted and caused trouble
2/16/08 3:29:35AM
some of my friends (who happen to be extremely rich) and i were at the in n out in glendale (california) being drunk and eating while we go outside for a stoge break (i do not smoke cigarettes) and all of a sudden this black escalade comes cruising through and almost runs over my friends foot. the friend was armenian and they all have very short fuses so he starts knocking on the window asking the driver to come outside for a talk.... and out of the back door comes "The Game." he lives in glendale hills across the street from one of the guys but i guess they dont care.. they started exchanging words and it was getting heavy until game's crew told him to get back in the car and go through the drive-thru.

2/16/08 8:42:27AM
im a chef so this probably doesnt mean much to anyone else but...Bobby Flay has a restaurant at caesars palace and i was in there playing a 5-10 no limit game and he came and sat next to me. no one else noticed him but i started talking to him and he was totally cool, totally down to earth. really nice guy and right before he left i cracked his pocket kings in a big pot and won $1,200 from him so it was nice on a few different levels.
2/16/08 10:23:50AM
Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, bought some rolling papers from me when I worked at a 24-hour convenience store. He's shorter than I thought he was.

James Marsden, of X-Men, was behind me in line at Macy's. He's taller than I thought he was.

Noam Chomsky and Tim Berners-Lee work at the same campus that I do.
2/16/08 11:03:30AM
I served pretty much the entire Calgary Flames roster and Edmonton Oilers when I worked at the Kananaskis Country Golf Club at the clubhouse bar back in '06. Being a Montreal Canadians fan though, never was that excited about it, they did spend money like there was no tomorrow though (and their perception of 15% tip increased to about 40-50% lol...nuts), and Phaneuf is a insanely funny drunk . MacTavish is one of the most interesting human beings I have had a conversation with in my whole life (not much of a drinker though).
2/16/08 12:16:07PM
Rickson Gracie - very nice guy and personable. Very friendly

Royce Gracie - Not as personable as his brother. Funny though.

Obata Toshishiro (see pic)- Very arrogant. His voice is not deep like in the movies. It is very very soft. God complex

Tom Cech (Nobel Prize winner) - Nice guy easy to talk to.

Sidney Altman (Nobel Prize Winner) - Somewhat harder to talk to than Tom. I felt like I was being look down upon.

Alfred Molina (see pic) - Saw him eating lunch at Whole Foods a couple years ago. I didn't talk to him. He just looked and dressed like a regular guy.

Orlando Bloom - Saw him walking his dog down the street in London. He was talking on the phone so I didn't bother him.

Brooke Shields - saw her carrying flowers down the street.

GSP - Seems the same in person as on TV. I had trouble looking him in the eye when I actually talked to him. It's strange because I'm usually not like that.

James Watson (cofounder of the DNA structure and Nobel Prize Winner) - this guy is crazy. I mean literally crazy, not just eccentric. He is uncomfortably crazy. Some would even call him racist and sexist.
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2/16/08 2:51:27PM
I had dinner with the Clinton's before Bill became president. Both seemed really brilliant and interested in the storys of their guests.

I've seen a ton of famous people at Mardi Gras. I was standing out in the street once and all of a sudden a wave of humanity started being parted heading straight for me. I got shoved to the side by some big bodyguards and I saw Rod Stewart coming through. I called him an asshole for moving throught the crowd like that.

Another good Mardi Gras one is I was at a bar that shall remain nameless aff of Bourbon and George Castanza (can't remember his real name) came in. He drank a Hurricane and left.

I briefly spoke with Kurt Vonnegut a couple years before he died.

I count Christian McBride among my friends.
2/16/08 3:27:11PM
i got to meet brad, bud, and eric of sublime at a concert in so cal a couple months before the breakup, by far some of the coolest people youd ever meet, but it was nice to get to see eric and bud start up long beach dub allstars and continue to make great music without brad (RIP)

after a tool concert, danny, justin, adam and maynard were outside getting ready to leave on there bus and we stopped them asking if they wanted to go to a party with us, they said they had an hour or 2 so they stopped by had a few drinks at my friends b-day party, what a night

i wont account all my brushes with music people because that would take all day, ive been to well over 200+ concerts and have met a couple dozen bands over the years

2/16/08 5:15:14PM
Partied with House of Pain after a college campus concert. Really cool guys. I was there visiting my g/f at the time. It was 3 days before I left for basic training though so I couldn't enjoy all "refreshments"

Sat with Gomer Pile (Jim Neighbors, I think?) in the airport waiting for our flight. He was on a concert tour. I had no idea the guy was a skilled tenor. Pretty nice guy.

Shook hands with Al Gore and Colin Powell when they visited my base. It was basically a line-up/salute/shake kind of thing. Also briefed Sec of the AF Widnall. Ugly, little troll looking thing

The Scinta's, a Vegas act, are long time family friends but they are much older so I've only met them a couple times. My cousin still works with them. Most down to earth entertainers I ever met. Even though they are starting to get pretty big there, they still do a meet and greet deal after every show until the line is empty.
When my unit was deployed there for a couple weeks, they actually apologized that they could only comp 1 free table since the casino had already comped a bunch that night!
2/16/08 5:35:33PM
Frankie Muniz came to our little Chilies in Sebring Florida. The line was out the door and a 30 minute wait but he walked up and it was so funny because he walked by me and my friends with his friends and Frankies friends said " I dont know man it looks kinda packed we might have to wait" and Muniz says "No we wont I'm Frankie Muniz."
Sure enough he got in as soon as he walked in the door. So i thought he was a jerk but I walked over to the guy when he was done eating and talked to him for a little bit and got his autograph. Very Funny guy and didn't mind signing 5 autographs for me and my friends. Real nice guy.

He was much shorter then i thought but knew he kinda was but dang.
2/16/08 5:50:13PM
Mines mainly of hockey and lacrosse players. I met Dan Paille and Rob Ray at Sabres games. Paille seemed like a nice guy but i didnt get to talk to him too much. Ray was nice, I went down to the zamboni entrance with my little brother which is where they sometimes talk before the game. I asked him for an autograph and talked a little bit with him. I shook his hand and it felt like he was gunna rip mine off lol.

At one of my brothers hockey games, the Sabres practiced on the opposite rink so a bunch of people watched. After the practice the ones that didnt try to escape undetected talked with fans and signed autographs.

Then the Bandits NLL lacrosse team had a meet and greet after one of their practices so i met a bunch of them too. All were really nice and down to earth.
2/16/08 9:55:26PM
I have had a couple of brushes with famos people.One time i was kickin' it in compton with my homies and Eazy-E pulled up and wanted to buy some blow. Being the wonderful street pharmasist i am, i gave him the most high grade shit i had. He though that i was such a straight G that we chilled for a while drank a couple of 40's and did a drive by.

Then one time i got a call from Tom(cruise), he likes to be called tommie pickels) and he wanted me to come over and hang out and do rich people stuff. As i knew he would he started talking about scientology and riddilin, and started jumpin on coaches so i left. As i walk out the door i was greeted by Carmen Electra, she took me back to her place and we "Hung Out" then i went home.

2/16/08 10:14:39PM

Posted by 905010

I have had a couple of brushes with famos people.One time i was kickin' it in compton with my homies and Eazy-E pulled up and wanted to buy some blow. Being the wonderful street pharmasist i am, i gave him the most high grade shit i had. He though that i was such a straight G that we chilled for a while drank a couple of 40's and did a drive by.

Then one time i got a call from Tom(cruise), he likes to be called tommie pickels) and he wanted me to come over and hang out and do rich people stuff. As i knew he would he started talking about scientology and riddilin, and started jumpin on coaches so i left. As i walk out the door i was greeted by Carmen Electra, she took me back to her place and we "Hung Out" then i went home.

Is that when Carmen Electra turned lesbian, after you 'hung out' with her?
2/17/08 1:11:24PM
i worked at the Couer d'Alene Resort in Idaho for 6 yrs. and met quite a few people here. Burt Renolds (very short in person), Peirce Brosnon (arrogant), Dan Lauria,the dad from The Wonder Years (nicest guy, bought him a drink and b.s.'d for an hour), Ryan Leaf (drunk jackass), Jacklyn Smith, John Elway, Joe Montana, John Friez, Drew Bledsoe,George Carl.
Met these people in Las Vegas at UFC 52. Chuck liddell, John Lewis, Frank Trigg, Randy Couture, Tim Sylvia, Cung Le, Tito Ortiz, Josh Koscheck, Joe Riggs, Arlovski, Severn, Griffin, Bonnar.
Met Bas Rutten in Portland at an IFL event (Lindland vs Horn)
Met Pernell Whitaker, Larry Donald, Virgil Hill (boxers), Tone Loc, O.J.Simpson after Holyfeild vs Ruiz at Mandalay Bay.
Met these guys here in Couer d'Alene after fights here. Evan Tanner, Mike Van Arsdale, Bobby Southworth, Josh Thomson, Trevor Prangley, Matt Majors (Superfly) he was on the Tapout series. Jorge Oliveira.
2/17/08 1:27:44PM

Good thread.....

I am a sports nut so all the people I met are in sports.

Vince Carter - Met him twice, as I am from Toronto Area.
Met him his rookie year courtside before game. Talked to him for short while 1 on 1 nobody around, and he gave me autograph...he dropped my pen as he ran off, he actually turned around picked up pen and handed it to me. Thing I heard over the years from friends was that he was a big dick and very cocky as he owned a club in T.O.

Carlos Delgado - Met him as I was walking in Toronto by the Skydome (Roger Centre now) I was a big fan so approached him, and he was very nice, and easy to talk to.

Pedro Martinez - Met him when he played for the Expos i was 14, so were talking awhile ago. i didnt really chat much with him but he did sign me a ball, and when i asked him jokingly for his glove, he replied he would but it was the only one he had with him. lol

Lennox Lewis- Met him when i was very young when he was boxing in Kitcherner Ontario. I was very very little. He was nice from what i hear and i got an autograph from him. Very rare, as he doesnt sign much.

2/17/08 3:54:02PM
Not too famous but I met anti flag at a mall. They we're pretty cool and signed my hat.
2/17/08 4:48:28PM
Met Mike Myers (Austin Powers) once at a comedy show. I was too nervous to say anything except ask for his autograph. He was really nice and friendly. and oddly a fairly small guy. I expected him to be bigger. Nice guy esp when you call him sir.
2/17/08 5:18:25PM
I met Rich Franklin at an IFBL event in Ohio.He was a real nice guy He signed my Hat and took pics with everyone. there is a pic of me him and my buddy on my myspace page.Alot of people talked to him forever but i was alittle drunk we talked about football Hes a Bengals fan and im Steelers fan i figured im not going to ask him the same questions that people probably been asking him all night stuff like who you fighting next,whats its like to be in the ufc.But all in all a nice dude who was very approchable and down to earth.

Oh and back in 2001 when i went to Warped Tour before it got flooded with emo bands an Teeny boppers..Me and my Friends arrived alitte late...Pittsburgh Parking is ridiculous so we entered kinda off to the side and as we're walking in this ford econoline stops and out walks the band Rancid so i kinda followed Rancid thru the Parking lot i didnt talk to them or anything although i did get that whats up head bop from Lars as he walked out the van.
2/17/08 7:13:08PM
where to start...

I met Kerry King of slayer before a slayer show.

I've met All That Remains, Suffocation, Mastodon, Manowar, Rotten Sound all before shows my old band played with them.

I met Marcus Davis at the first grappling tourny i did in maine.. (he coached the guy who beat me..

I know the guys in The Receiving End of Sirens, As Tall As Lions, Therefore I am.

I played paintball with Ricky Davis, Delonte West, Al Jefferson (when they played for the celtics)

I've met Greg Hastings, Rich Telford, Ollie Lang, The Lundquist Brothers...basically name a pro paintballer and ive met them...

I've met the dudes in Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall

....Does training at the same gym as the Lauzon brothers count too?
2/24/08 4:52:56PM
i left off a few. Detleff Schrempf, Patty Duke,Steve Largent, Mark Rypien and Nickleback.
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2/26/08 2:16:55PM
Dave Parker (former MVP, former Pittsburgh Pirate / Cincinnati Red / Oakland A / Milwaukee Brewer)

Paul O'Neill (former Cincinnati Red / New York Yankee)

Hillbilly Jim (former WWF 'superstar')

John McGinley ('Scrubs' star / actor)

Yeah, I think that's about it. None of them were dicks, either.
4/7/08 3:29:31PM
You shudda all waited outside and beat him for being smug

Im talking about Franky Muniz btw sorry it didnt qoute properly.
4/8/08 9:57:17AM
i went to ozzfest last year and when i was about to leave after the concert i walked by Bam Margera and he is pretty cool and i got to shake ozzy's hand that night
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