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1/1/13 4:17:56PM
Derek Brunson has rewatched his fight. He knows it wasn't his best performance but he feels he did the best he could with the notice he was given.

Winning on his UFC debut against a UFC veteran will quite possibly lead to bigger things.

Brunson posted the following message to all of his fans:

1/1/13 5:25:20PM
He has absolutely nothing to apologize for, took out a massive challenge in Leben and did it dominantly for a short notice fight....not one round did Leben win.
1/1/13 6:16:18PM
He didn't win me as a fan with that fighting style. Leben was shocking though.
1/1/13 6:34:06PM
Nothing to apologize would rather him step up
Even if it was boring. Than having the whole fight scratched off the card.
1/1/13 7:33:58PM
You know, when you two post consecutivly after eachother it makes the whole avatar thing alot funnier.
1/1/13 9:40:43PM
Brunson stepped up and won . Good for him
1/2/13 9:30:55AM
Lebin's the one to blaim. He had a whole year to prepare.

Thank god for Miller vs. Lauzon.
1/2/13 3:24:33PM
Ok i'll say it.

Brunson had Leben in full mount and didn't throw a punch.

Fair play for stepping up and winning, but come on.......
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