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11/6/08 9:10:19AM
So Tuesday night I was sparring and sparred with this new dude. Guy trained at another gym for a few years and just joined ours. So sparring class is first round of hands only and we keep adding on for the next 7-8 rounds. So I'm in about 2.5 mins into the round and I'm doing a good job of tooling this guy with my reach and ability for a newb to hit off my back foot and all a sudden as I’m switching stance (bc I like to go back and forth once in awhile) he throw this viousous a$s leg kick. And I'm able to lift my now right leg being my front since I’ve switch stance and check it but it hurt since we didn't have pads on. My first thought was wow that hurt, and second was if I didn't check it would have been my knee he'd hit. So at this point I hobble for a second and switch back to orthodox and lay a pretty mean 2, 3, liver shot and the round ends. Afterwards I sit out one round and then continue on thinking it’s nothing. And take our No-Gi jits class afterwards as well and roll around for another half hour. Now the next morning the left side of my leg looks bad and it swelling fast. I had put ice on it the night before but didn’t think it would get this bad. I go to work it hurts just a little and by lunch I can barely walk and then pain is intense. Also the other side of my leg (right side, front shin) is hurting insanely bad till the point I could barely walk. But the bruise and a Blister! Idk y it’s blistering is on the other side of my leg. I was going to go to the ER but figured they couldn't do anything and it can't be broken... I think BC... idk I just don't think it can. Now over last night it hurt and I iced and elevated it and it felt better by morning. But we'll see if walking around and sitting at a desk bring that insanely bad pain again. Any help to what could be wrong here... please?!?
11/6/08 10:15:57AM
Is the blister a blood blister?
11/6/08 11:35:04AM
No its filled with water. Its so weird! The black and blue mark is larger then my hand and the center maybe size of roll of tape is still pale and slightly red with a blister maybe size of 3 quartars on top if it all filled with water. I didn't pop it in fear of infection.
11/6/08 3:19:49PM
ok, for there to be a while area in the centre of a bruise is normal. Anybody that has played paintball will know this.

Why there is a blister has confounded me. It is possible that the blister is just like a blood blister, but with no blood.

However, if it is getting better, then I wouldn't worry about it.

11/6/08 3:58:34PM
Thanks Rush. The pain is subsiting a little bit and i was able to go to the Gym with it. I have a fight coming up next saturday the 15th and it looks like i won't be able to kick or block with my right leg. Its a smoker fight so shin pads r worn so i can mask it. Also I hope it feels faster so i can start some cardio up again. The blister is on of the only things that hurt the most. But idk if i should pop it. Trw I'm going to the ER so i can get some meds and x-rays so i can find out if its anything serious and if i can rish further injury. I will post up a picture later tonight if i can. Thanks for all ur help as well. And if anyone else can help please do...
11/7/08 10:36:14PM
Its probably nothing more than a deep contusion, or bruise. The knee, like many other joints work through diffusion to get its blood supply, not direct supply via veins and the like. because of this, less oxygen gets through at a time and injuries take longer to heal. Also, bruises themselves heal by the dead blood cells that make up the bruise slowly being carried away back into the blood stream. Again, Since joints get blood differently, to completely heal could take a very long time. If you bruised you knee internally, or ruptured a minor blood vessel then the time it take s to heal will really depend. I dont believe though that its anything to be concerned about. Should you however, feel any numbness or tingling or develop pain you should of course seek medical attention
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