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POLL: Will We See The Buffer 360 Saturday Night?
Yes 89% (31)
No 11% (4)
7/8/09 12:27:00PM
Will he or won't he? That's the question that's been on the mind of UFC fans since rumors of veteran Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer began hinting at a "Buffer 360", a variation of his popular "Buffer Turn", possibly being performed at UFC 100. In recent interviews, Buffer has said he can't say yes or no with regards to it happening, it'll be a split-second decision but if it happens, it'll be during the main event (Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir).

7/8/09 12:46:13PM
no but I wish he would, the crowd would go wild.
7/8/09 1:04:39PM
I hope he does! And if it happens they better show it.

I can only imagine what Rogan will say if Bruce pulls it off!!!!
7/8/09 1:05:51PM
One other thing he added, this from yesterday's episode of "IT'S TIME!!!" on the Sherdog Radio Network-if he doesn't do it, don't hate on him for it.
7/8/09 1:36:32PM
People who watch UFC for the first time are always thrown off when he's like FIGHTING out of the BLUE CORNER

then turns

they're like wtf? misdirection?

I laugh. lol
7/8/09 4:26:51PM
this is the funniest article i have ever read. i love it.
7/8/09 4:31:45PM
Go Bruuuuuce Go Bruuuuuce
7/8/09 7:29:07PM
I so hope Bruce does the "Buffer 360"!

I'll be wearing my Tuxedo T-Shirt for the fights, or as I like to call it "my 'unofficial Bruce Buffer walkout shirt"
7/8/09 9:29:26PM
This is surley the most anticipated move since Zoolander pulled off "Magnum"
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