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1/29/13 12:53:15PM
I have just booked an interview with Bruce Buffer next Monday, is there anything the PG would like me to ask?
1/29/13 1:04:44PM
YES! - - please ask him where he buys his Pimp-Alligator Suits at

That would look fly on FUEL TV.
1/29/13 1:11:08PM
Ask him if he has a favorite fighter. I've heard rumors it's Ortiz but I'm not sure if he came out and said it directly.
1/29/13 2:00:01PM
Ask him what the Ufc will do without his dulcet tones gracing the microwave every event? Will they pre record hours of his voice saying every syllable so they can create a voice when he's gone? Also ask him if he looks in the mirror to practise his little jumps when he says,'IT'S TIME. '

Also good job of getting the interview ray
1/29/13 3:07:02PM
ask him to do a buffer 360
1/29/13 3:33:52PM
Ask him if he's ever pulled a muscle by twisting his body to fast, or almost passed out because he forgot to breath, when introducing the fighters.
1/29/13 3:37:32PM
Congrats on getting that interview. No clue what to ask him tho. I would ask him which fighters he likes to watch, who does he think is the most entertaining, stuff like that.
1/29/13 3:45:42PM

Posted by Lungsofsteel

ask him to do a buffer 360

my thoughts exactly
1/29/13 4:00:31PM
ask him if he has any martial arts training. who knows, maybe he's a black belt in something and we never knew.
1/29/13 4:18:06PM
Ask him how he would FINISH a no holds barred cage fight between him and his brother.

Ask him who he thinks the new champions (if any) will be by the end of the year in any weight class.
1/29/13 4:29:58PM
Ask him about Frank trigg.

Isn't that who he had the elevator fight with?

1/29/13 4:49:45PM

Posted by mrsmiley

Ask him about Frank trigg.

Isn't that who he had the elevator fight with?

Right on, right on bro. Buffer loves to tell this story and it's a good one. I get the impression that Buffer graduated "Triggonomatry" in that elevator.
1/29/13 5:16:53PM
Ask him who he enjoys introducing the most & how it feels to be in the cage a second before every single fight happens!

Also ask him if his brother Mike enjoys MMA.

& maybe ask if him if he has respect for The Pride screaming lady
1/29/13 5:27:54PM
He never makes mistakes, does he? I don't think I've ever heard him make a mistake. Ask him how he rehearses/practices and remains so consistent.
1/29/13 6:40:00PM
Damn...nothing to ask...just a simple congrats is due! +1
1/29/13 6:49:17PM
which fighters are the best poker players?
1/29/13 7:35:45PM
He always announces the world series of beer pong finals in Vegas
So maybe you could ask him if he plays/enjoys beer pong?
Lol it would just be epic playing beer pong with Bruce Buffer!
1/29/13 7:39:56PM
Ask him to announce my user name like I was a fighter.

and my opponent is cow catcher.

and Wallace can be the ref.
1/29/13 11:12:02PM
ask him how many chicks he's banged...he is known to be a party animal Or find out his favourite drink

if he didn't get with the UFC, where does he think he'd be right now? What would he be doing?

his thoughts on the current state of MMA judging
1/30/13 12:29:55AM
Ask about his poker career
1/30/13 11:55:49AM
Ask him what its like being 2nd famous to his brother "Michael" !
1/30/13 11:59:25AM
Ask him how gets during fight week
1/31/13 12:55:35AM

Posted by tcunningham

ask him if he has any martial arts training. who knows, maybe he's a black belt in something and we never knew.

He's got his black belt in Tsang soo do
2/4/13 3:41:48PM
These are the questions ive decided to go with:

We are fresh off UFC 156, and there was quite a few surprises, what did you think of the fights,

which fight surprised you the most.

Your flawless when your announcing, how much practice do you do to keep such a high standard,

which names have been the hardest to announce.

Who are some of your favourite fighters to introduce.

You always look really smart, where do you get your suits from,

do you wear a new suit each time you announce.

Do you have a favourite fighter and if so who is it.

You are listed as having a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do, do you train in any other martial arts,

what are your thoughts on traditional martial arts within MMA.

Dana White is quite vocal about referee's and Judges, what's your views on the standard of Judging in the UFC?

I know your a keen poker player, how often do you get to play poker

Have you played against any MMA fighters, which ones were the best players

Ive also seen you on an episode of Friends and Entourage, what was it like taking part in both those programmes,

which show did you enjoy doing most.

In an interview I saw with your brother Michael he says he didnt meet you until he was 49, can you explain why that was?

I read something a while ago about you and Frank Trigg fighting in a lift, can you tell me what happened?
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