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10/10/09 2:29:51AM
Junie Browning’s coach Shawn Tompkins says his fighter’s attempted suicide last night was a serious effort and not a cry for help. Browning has lost his UFC contract and faces three charges of battery as a result of incidents at a Nevada hospital following his admission.

Tompkins (pictured) tells Fighters Only he was altered by Browning’s ex-girlfriend that all may not be well with the fighter, so he went over to check.

"His friend and I went over to his place and got him. He was supposed to take one pill a day [of his prescribed medicine], he had taken between 16 and 20. We put him in the truck and drove him to the hospital right away where I admitted him immediately," Tompkins said.

10/10/09 2:12:32PM
I think that it absolutely was a cry for help. I'm sure Junie realizes that there is no chance that 20 pills of prescribed anti-anxiety medication would kill him. Hopefully the guy can get the help he needs, major depression is a crippling illness that impacts every facet of your life. Obviously his actions can't be condoned, but most people don't realize what depression can do to people. It isn't just a little bit of sadness, it can turn you into a completely different person, and men tend to express sadness as anger.
10/10/09 4:32:08PM
It was a cry for attention. He probably called his ex and told her he was doing that so that it would go down exactly like it did. Prison will do him some good.
10/10/09 8:12:43PM
Prison doesn't do much for most people but it might be a wayfor him toget clean and sober.

I hope he gets professional help for his depression and suicidal tendencies. Every human life is important and worthwhile. I hope he can become a productive, healed human being. And then I hope he finds a way to use his God given talent for fighting---albeit not as great as some people's skills---to help discipline his life.
10/11/09 10:17:43AM
Man junie is a wreck. i doubt we'll ever see him again in the UFC, but hopfully he can come to terms about what he is going through
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