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2/26/09 9:47:46AM
What does everybody think of this fight coming up on Sunday?

Brown coming off that big elbow KO of Faber, while Garcia's comin off a big KO of Pulver. Both are very exciting fighters, and should put a great show. Garcia's been a beast since dropping to 145, but after Brown's last performance, I have a hard time picking against him.

Im taking Brown by a decision because I think he's the more skilled fighter but Garcias not going to go down easily.

2/26/09 10:48:57AM
I picked against Brown twice I'm NOT picking against her this time, he just seems to pull victories out of nowhere
2/26/09 11:18:02AM
Im taking Garcia.
2/26/09 11:22:19AM
mike brown by the standup department, id say theyre power is about even...both are pimarily boxers, while brown is more technical and garcia is more wild...browns footwork and headmovement are not as good as garcias, and garcia has a better chin, but brown is tough too.....i would say that garcia has the edge due to the pressure he brings in the standup and utilizes more offensive strikes while brown is more of a counter striker and uses them to set up takedowns......wresting is obvious, that goes to brown.....bjj goes to garcia, hes pretty crafty off his back..browns bjj is more top game orientated, and hes very good at it, just watch his fight with curran, and currans bjj is no joke....i dont think garcias bjj skills will be enough to sub brown tho...gas tank is kinda debatable, garcia has a huge gas tank were as brown has never had a serious problem, but given his size i see him slowing down a lot more in the "championship rounds" the end i see a boring ground and pound victory for brown that goes to the judges....if garcia wins, its either capitilizing on browns poor headmovement with a big shot and finishing him off most likely with strikes but dont be suprised if he pulls a sub in that situation
2/26/09 1:51:28PM
I don't think Garcia is going to be stopped at FW... The dude is an absolute beast with an awesome camp... Brown might be able to squeak out a decision, but I just feel down deep in my bones that Garcia's going to get the KO...
2/26/09 4:04:26PM
brown is a tough dude i don't see anyone beating him for a while.
2/26/09 8:29:26PM
This is a tough one to call. As hard as it is to pick against Brown, I am going to give a slight edge to Garcia. He is a beast and is with the best camp in the sport. I think he will get a mid round KO.
2/26/09 9:05:00PM

Posted by Gipper

brown is a tough dude i don't see anyone beating him for a while.

at least no one in the wec yet
2/26/09 11:13:40PM
I hope Garcia wins but I honestly have no idea how it will play out. I haven't had the chance to watch WEC much.
2/27/09 2:54:00AM
It is very close to a pick em' fight. As big as Brown is for a FW, I think Garcia may be even bigger. Garcia has really begun to transform himself from his days as a mid-level LW that just couldn't get over the hump, to a legit top ten FW.

That said--I don't think the hype behind Garcia is a true reflection of where he stands. The hype began when he dismantled Jens Pulver, and I think right now people are beginning to realize after his bout with Faber that Jens may be on his last leg. I think that calls into question how legitimate this sudden rise up the rankings is.

Mike Brown on the other hand was a beast as a LW, and as a FW, forget about it! You have to go with the Champ because he's the more proven commodity.
2/27/09 9:31:31AM
Garcia by UD.......
3/1/09 11:27:40PM
From what I just saw Brown is one scary little dude!
3/2/09 5:51:28AM

Posted by StorminYourman

From what I just saw Brown is one scary little dude!

3/2/09 11:48:45AM

Posted by StorminYourman

From what I just saw Brown is one scary little dude!

No kidding. I think Urijah Faber should be worried. Not saying he will neccesarily lose, but he's in for one hell of a fight.
3/2/09 2:20:32PM
Mike Brown is nasty, he just doesn't make misstakes. Fights a simple style. Faber is gonna get hurt even worse the next time! can't wait to see the fight.
3/2/09 6:22:24PM
so i forgot that WEC was on

does anyone have a link to this fight?
3/2/09 10:42:33PM
I still hope Urijah beats Brown down and gets his title back.
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