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2/6/09 2:07:45AM
Alright, so recently I went to a party with my buddies, they all know I'm MMA training so they get to talkin' and theres this kid who says he can box. So I agree "sure whatever" and we agree to a "friendly" boxing match. We were doin it for sport not to hurt each other. Some people say I won cuz my offense was better, some people say he won because I bled first? Really I don't care, I enjoyed it, but I did something to my swelled up to the size of a golf ball around the lower joint, and everytime I hit him it would hurt me....and I had to throw in the towel cuz It hurt so bad....broken you think? I know its hard to tell without pictures, but has anyone ever done anything like this?
2/6/09 11:31:04AM
More than likely just sprained. Especially because of the way the discoloration is. I would guess you're not clenching your fist hard enough when you connect with your punches.
2/7/09 1:48:49AM
Thanks dude, the swelling went down its just extremely sore in the lower joint area...can't bend it as well as I can my other thumb, and everynow and then i have to pop it....I can still hit the heavy bag though, and I'll make sure to clench harder lol , I think that's what I did too.
2/18/09 5:43:55PM

Posted by MMA_Juggalo

How did this happen in a boxing match? No gloves i assume?
2/19/09 7:42:32AM

Posted by madmarck

Posted by MMA_Juggalo

How did this happen in a boxing match? No gloves i assume?

Its a sprain, it will be stiff for awhile but will go back to normal, I have done it a few times.

Use judgement man, not only did you hurt your hand from not wearing gloves but it sounds like you got cracked in the nose?

Save it for the cage buddy
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